Interviewing Playbook

Interviewing Playbook

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Why We Created This

The global pandemic has led to massive layoffs and hiring freezes. Companies have taken away internships and job offers making the internship/job search more competitive than ever.

Due to COVID-19, any company that is still hiring has had to move their entire interview process to virtual interviews. With more applicants applying to every job, the stakes are higher with every interview you're able to land. So, how will you do?

What was previously an important skill has now become crucial as the job market has soured. PathMatch has helped thousands of students and grads improve their interview skills leading to increased chances of landing jobs.

Our next two hour workshop takes place June 29th at 3pm PT. Grab your spot now to learn all the tips and tricks we use to help our clients improve their chances of landing jobs by 84%.

Students often receive little to no guidance or worse, faulty guidance, on how to interview effectively. The problem? They’re getting information from the wrong people.

If the average company interviews 15 people to fill a job, how can you make sure that it’s not your interviewing skills that are holding you back.

After interviewing thousands of candidates over 20 years, Nancy Soni, CEO of PathMatch, has seen and heard it all: the good, the bad, and the really bad.

In this workshop, she’ll give you all of the information you’ll need to ace your next interview.

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In This Workshop

What questions they should be prepared to answer

Good answer vs. bad answer (and everything in between)

How to properly research and prepare

Best practices for video interviewing

The STAR Method of behavioral interviewing

And other best practices to stack the deck in your favor


This Resume Playbook is amazing! I went from not hearing back to scheduling 9 interviews and receiving 2 offers within 4 weeks.

— Anna, Marketing Coordinator


Know what to expect so you can prepare properly for every interview


Know what companies look for


Understand what you’re competing against and what you can say to set yourself apart