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Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize career opportunities for students everywhere. We believe that every student should have an equal opportunity to build a meaningful career regardless of where they go to school, what they major in, or who they know.

PathMatch Team

Nancy Soni

Founder & CEO

Austin Baird

Head of Design

Rich Wu

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeffrey Otano

Founding Engineer

Kathleen Walsh

Head of Partnerships

Mimi Nguyen

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Hall

Senior Software Engineer

Advisors & Partners

Stephan Goupille


Clarence Wooten


Rohan Punamia


Bong Koh


Nick Schreiber

Sales & Business Development Partner

Peter Brack


Nic Roth

Technical Advisor

John Ryu


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Meet Our Founder

Growing up as a daughter of immigrants, I had a very limited understanding of what careers were available or would allow me to make a great living. Motivated by economic mobility, I chose medicine as my path and was pre-med throughout college and got into med school. A fluke car accident during my senior year changed my entire outlook on our healthcare system and whether it was the route I wanted to pursue. 

I decided to pursue Technical Recruiting during the height of the dot com boom. It was a great fit for my personality and also allowed for the economic mobility I was looking for.

I spent 20 amazing years working with some of the fastest-growing, category-defining companies building teams across engineering, product, data, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, operations, and HR. I screened over 4M resumes and filled over 10K positions. That experience gave me a front row seat in viewing the differences between career winners and losers.

In 2017, I stumbled into a rapidly growing problem: post-collegiate un(der)employment. 

  • ~50% of college graduates can’t find decent work because they don’t have the skills and experience necessary to get hired in today’s modern workforce. 
  •  ~70% of college majors don’t align with companies’ hiring needs. 
  • Today’s student will graduate with over $40K student loan debt and very little ability to pay that debt off.

After building some of the teams behind some of today’s greatest technology products, I knew how we could fix this.

We built PathMatch, a Career Navigation App for Gen Z. 

  • Career Matching and Selection: Our app matches students to their best-matched modern careers and helps them select the most appropriate path.
  • Company Discovery: Students learn about and follow companies that hire for their intended career path. 
  • Resume and Skill Building: Our software suggests the skills they need to have to get hired by their selected companies. Our app shows the learning content to develop these skills and makes it easy for students to learn skills often not even taught in schools.
  • Hireability Score: Students can now track their progress to their end destination and see how they compare to other students on the same path. 

We’ve reverse engineered resume building for students/grads so students can graduate with the skills and experience needed to land modern jobs and best of all, it’s free.

We’re helping companies usher their Campus Recruiting Strategies into the Digital Age by helping employers train and hire thousands of students and grads more effectively without having to step foot into a Career Fair. We’re saving companies millions in recruiting and turnover costs…and we’re just getting started.

We’re democratizing economic mobility for the millions of students like me who had a limited understanding of the workforce, their place within it, and how to navigate a rapidly evolving world.

I hope you’ll join us in making our vision a reality. 🚀