Get Matched to a Career You'll Love

Data-driven matching to paths uniquely tailored to you.  Guidance to help you succeed.

The Future of Work is Evolving. 

But how students connect to careers hasn't.

PathMatch matches students to careers based on 25 variables that define career fulfillment and success.



1. Get Matched

Complete our assessment and get matched to 5-10 career paths aligned to your personality, strengths, goals, values, and location.

2. Learn and Explore

Learn about each matched path: job responsibilities, career growth, work-life balance, flexibility, compensation, types of companies, who you'd be working with, and job stability and availability.

3. Select your Ideal Path

Use our Career Selection Tool to select the path that matches you most.

4. Build your Plan

Create a roadmap for career schools, major/minor, classes, internships, mentors, and jobs to maximize outcomes.

5. Execute your Plan

Get monthly guidance on how to build your network, apply to internships and jobs, write your resume and cover letter, and further develop your skills and experience.

There are currently 12,000 different career paths available.  How will you find the right one for you?

College Students

Get matched and learn what you can be doing to plan for your bright future.

Recent Graduates

Get matched to jobs and companies that fit you best.

Purposefully built for students... and concerned parents

Navigate the future career

landscape. Make data-driven decisions.

Plan and take action  to achieve your goals.

Increase your chances for career success.


“Before I completed the Career Accelerator, I felt like I was just going through the motions in school with no purpose.  PathMatch helped me decide on a path and build a plan for landing my dream job."

Stephanie - Cal Poly SLO

David - UCLA

Michelle - Emory University grad

Chloe - Stanford University

Andrew - Amherst College grad

"PathMatch helped me learn about different industries and career paths that I never knew existed. I now have my summer internship secured, major selected, and a monthly plan for how I'm going to land my first job out of college.  PathMatch helps me stay on track each month so I don't lose focus amidst all of the demands of school."

"PathMatch connected me to a career path I didn't even know existed, but is uniquely suited to me.  They helped me rewrite my resume, apply to jobs, network, and interview far better than I could have without their guidance.  I landed my dream job and could not have done it without their help." 

"Deciding to work with PathMatch was one of the smartest things I've ever done.  I was matched to paths that fit me perfectly.  I now know exactly what I need to be doing every month to land certain internships that will help me build the right skills and experience outside of the classroom.

PathMatch helped me discover what I wanted to pursue within 2 weeks of signing up.  They helped me rewrite my resumes/cover letters and within 4 weeks, I scheduled 16 interviews and received 3 offers... and accepted one the day before graduation."