4 Careers in AI You Should Consider

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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, many students and experienced business professionals are worried about the availability of future job opportunities. Of course, AI will impact businesses, with AI predicted to replace 85 million jobs by 2025, however it doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you’re about to enter the workforce. Although some jobs will be eliminated by AI, new jobs will emerge in their place as the technology further develops. 

The World Economic Forum predicts 95 million new jobs will be created due to AI, however most workers don’t have the skills yet to be candidates for these roles. With everyone getting in on the AI gold rush, there is a shortage of talent tech-forward companies need ASAP.As a student, this is a perfect opportunity for you!

By learning in-demand skills that can correlate to these new positions, you can become a more competitive candidate in today’s (and tomorrow’s) job market. While those already working would need to relearn and adjust their skill sets, you still have the time and opportunity to dive into these new technologies. There’s no better time than right now to learn about AI and the new job possibilities to come.

Let’s discuss 4 new careers that are likely to be created by AI and how you can prepare for these new roles. 

AI Research Scientist 

With AI being such a new resource, there will need to be researchers available to study the technology and test how far it can really go. Just like regular research scientists, you will need to plan trials, assess results, and translate data into real life applications for businesses. With AI research specifically, you will probably test how well AI can pair with various industries and observe what it can do well, such as math, and what it can’t do well, such as emotional cues. 

As a new computer science grad, you will probably see many positions open for AI researchers as companies aim to quickly research and understand current trends. However, companies will want you to have some understanding of the industry so that you can create the best experiments. Consider interning with an AI company, or taking courses in machine learning, to become a better candidate. 

AI Data Analytics 

Whether it’s language-based AI like ChatGPT or arts-based AI like DALL-E, you need to crunch a ton of data to get results. AI uses the data it’s being fed to create results and improve on its output. However, these companies will need someone to classify and analyze the data results, which is where data analytics come in. 

Of course, data analytics isn’t a small field, and it’s bound to grow as AI develops. You could work as a sourcing analyst to label and classify the data that you need to train the AI model. You could also become a data analyst to see how well the AI is performing and if any changes are needed regarding the code or results. Even if AI somehow develops enough to do all these things on its own, there still needs to be humans available to check and provide feedback to improve results. If you want to work in this field, develop your skills in data collection and analysis using the PathMatch app to attract recruiters to your application.

AI Prompter

Every AI technology needs prompts to produce content. However, if you’ve ever tried ChatGPT on your own, you know that getting that result can be more difficult than it seems. Sometimes the AI might not understand the question, or you have to put in more time to correct its mistakes. This is where AI prompters come in. 

AI uses different languages than what humans use, emphasizing different words or having “secret codes” such as knowing when to use commas to change the focus of a prompt. AI prompters would need to learn these tricks and communicate with businesses to create the product they actually want, instead of the product the AI just spits out. 

If you want to get started in this field, the concepts used are similar to those of SEO writing and copywriting, such as using prior data and analytics to create a staple output. If you’re a good writer, try taking some free prompting classes since the position is high in-demand and high paying. 

AI Auditor 

Alongside the expansion of AI, there are also debates about the ethical use of the technology. Although ChatGPT has certain safeguards in place to prevent the AI from going off the rails with the content it’s creating, it’ll continue to be an arms race between the businesses using AI and the rogues who want to find hacks around those safeguards. . And as mentioned earlier, the information AI provides is also not always accurate, with incorrectly cited sources or just purely false information. These are the types of issues that necessitate an AI Auditor.

AI Auditors will serve as a filter for the AI, similar to a moderator. After looking at the results, auditors will see what information is prevalent as well as disregard any info that is biased towards one group or another. This will especially be useful as AI will soon be subject to legislation that prevents discrimination or bias. AI companies will need to hire auditors to ensure they follow these legislations. 

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