Top 5 Companies for Internships in Las Vegas

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Although you may write off Las Vegas as just a party city, you would be missing out on some amazing internship opportunities if you did. With its global business hubs, luxury shopping centers, glamorous hotels and more, Las Vegas provides a lot of opportunities to intern in a variety of industries.

While places like San Francisco or Los Angeles may primarily be focusing on tech or entertainment internships, the nature of Las Vegas allows it to host many internships from both domestic and international companies. The Vegas Strip isn’t just a place to shop and party after all. From banks to casinos to restaurants, the entire area offers an unlimited amount of places to intern at, hence why there are so many unique opportunities in Las Vegas. 

Let’s talk about some companies which are headquartered in Las Vegas and how you could possibly intern with them. 

MGM Resorts International

Although Las Vegas the city isn’t party-central, the Strip most certainly is, and the main demand is for resorts and hotels as tourists continuously flock to the city. MGM Resorts hosts internships for anyone interested in the hotel business, from hospitality to management programs. All internships occur during the summer, lasting until August or all the way until next April for early career opportunities. Every internship also includes ongoing coaching from program leaders to learn how to start your career, which is especially needed considering consumer tastes and trends can change in an instant. 

For students who have turned 21, MGM resorts also offers a casino marketing program where you can shadow individuals from across the industry. 


If you love fashion, interning at Zappos is the perfect opportunity for you! The online accessory store has two opportunities, one in the fall and one in the spring, to intern with the company. The comfortable environment, with tons of team bonding and lax uniform requirements, allows a fun place for you to learn the ropes of sales and human resources. 

Each applicant has to take a technical test before interning at the company, however if you pass this round, you get a very special opportunity. Zappos flies out their top 3-4 candidates to take part in a two-day immersion experience, which includes a chance to meet with prospective teams and see where you would be a good fit. Although the experience also has fun events such as a city tour and happy hours, the entire process is like your final interview, therefore the methodology to be selected is very strict. If you want to stand out, consider sending a video cover letter as suggested by Zappos on one of their job descriptions (and if you have a PathMatch profile, you might already have one of those!).  

Johnson Electric

Although you could bet that Las Vegas is not a tech hub, you would have crapped out. The best example of this is Johnson Electric, a mechanical component supplier for cars and other automobiles. While Johnson Electric doesn’t have a traditional internship program, there are still many opportunities if you really look around. The primary focus of these internships is usually in positions that require business or statistics, so if you’re pursuing those majors, it’s a huge plus. 

However, most of these internships require you to be a senior or a recent graduate. Some may even require a master's degree, so make sure to check before you apply. If you do fit in all the categories for the position, interning at Johnson Electric is a great way to get some hands-on experience in the field, as all interns work on real-life data and issues that affect the company. 

Allegiant Air

Since so many people travel to the city every year, you need an efficient system to help transport them to and from their destination. Allegiant Air implements a six month internship for students who want hands-on experience in the aviation industry. Not only will you get weekly networking and development opportunities with leadership teams, as an intern, you also get unlimited flights! 

According to Allegiant Air’s schedule for internships, each week focuses on a different skill necessary to thrive in aviation, such as leadership and aviation safety. So in order to be prepared and position yourself as a better candidate, don’t be afraid to explore new concepts on your own. Some of the skills Allegiant Air covers, such as finance management and information technology, can be learned on your own through upskilling. If you add these skills to your resume, maybe through taking an online course or getting internship experience, it is more likely you will be selected. 

The Vox Agency

With how famous Las Vegas is, both in the media and as a travel destination, it’s no wonder public relations and advertising services are so needed. The Vox Agency (not to be confused with Vox Media), a leader in the public relations field, focuses on the general entertainment market by partnering with various resorts and museums in the area to increase their outreach. 

Although The Vox Agency is in Las Vegas, all internships are remote, which is perfect to beat the long Las Vegas traffic. Internships are also short, only 20 hours a week, and open to all students, even junior and seniors in high school. Although the internship is unpaid, unlike others on this list, you can easily get high school or college credit. If you do get selected, interns will work alongside the team at The Vox Agency to manage social media presence and news releases and get an in-depth view into the public relations industry. 

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