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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should a student expect to dedicate to PathMatch per week?

1 hour per week. Students don't dedicate time to PathMatch. They dedicate time to career planning and their internship/job search through guidance, resources. accountability and coaching.

Isn't this what the career center is for?

In an ideal world, yes. But the truth is, career center advisors often lack corporate experience and in-depth knowledge about modern career paths and companies that hire, having never worked outside of academia. PathMatch exists to fill in these gaps. Our trained career coaches have years of experience in recruiting, industry and path-specific knowledge and connections, and a 100% success rate in placing students at top companies. Because PathMatch works with students at schools around the country, our clients benefit from getting specific advice to help them compete nationally. Most advisors at universities don’t have this purview.

What year in school should students start working with PathMatch?

We work with college students of all years, but the earlier a student starts, the better. It's a compounding effect;  if you don't have an internship freshman year, it's harder to get one sophomore year, if you don't have one sophomore year, it's harder to get one junior year, and so on and so forth up to getting a job post-graduation.

Which plan should I go with?

The Concierge plan is the best to get the most out of our program as it includes one-on-one coaching and personalized internship & job matching, but the level of guidance provided at each level is priceless. If you're unsure, we recommend starting with the Premium plan and seeing how you like it. You can always upgrade or downgrade after each month and cancel anytime.

Is PathMatch better for certain majors?

PathMatch is made for all majors, and more importantly, all in-demand careers! We encourage our students to think career-first instead of major-first.