Resume Optimization Playbook

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Why We Created This

Are you sick of sending out resumes and never hearing back? If your resume looks like any of the resumes listed, there's a reason why you're not hearing back

Improve your chances of getting an interview by as much as 76%

Did you know?

  • 75% of resumes submitted to a company are automatically filtered out by software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Recruiters spend roughly 6 seconds viewing a resume
  • Most companies are receiving 500+ resumes per job posting making it tougher than ever to stand out

Humans don’t screen your resume, computers do.

Beat the bots with our Resume Optimization Playbook.

What's included:

  • A comprehensive playbook that outlines the key tactics to ensure your resume gets attention
  • Downloadable ATS-friendly Resume templates and List of Top Keywords to Use
  • Insider information from Recruiting Experts

We know the feelings of stress, hopelessness, and frustration that accompany a job search and the lack of response from companies.

We created this resume guide to help you understand the systems your resume goes through so you can improve your chances of landing a job.

This playbook will teach you how to create the perfect ATS-friendly resume with all the components and keywords Recruiters look for when hiring.

There are plenty of free and paid resume writing services out there that will write your resume for you, but unfortunately these writers write for humans, and not the resume scanners and bots used by most companies to screen your resume.

Having spent years in the recruiter's seat, we know many qualified resumes slip through the cracks and never even make it to a human.

We created this for you.

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Get the inside scoop from a former Recruiter

Gain a deeper understanding of the hiring process

Understand how an ATS works

Learn what Recruiters look for in a resume and write your resume accordingly

Learn the tips and tricks needed to optimize your resume

Become aware of common resume mistakes to avoid

Learn what skills and keywords improve your resume response rates


This Resume Playbook is amazing! I went from not hearing back to scheduling 9 interviews and receiving 2 offers within 4 weeks.

— Anna, Marketing Coordinator


Did you know Recruiters spend less than 6 seconds on each resume? Improve your resume and include the right skills you’ll need to get noticed and get responses.


Optimize your resume with the specific layout, formats, skills, and phrases you need to beat the ATS and get your name to the top of the stack.


Download our Resume Optimization Playbook today to learn all the tips and tricks we use to help our clients improve their chances of landing jobs by 76%.

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Arlington Heights, IL Arlington Heights, IL
Didn't have a clue before this

My resume before getting this playbook was just all wrong. There was no way it would have made it through an ATS. After going through the whole playbook page by page, I get it now and I also get in front of recruiters now. Well worth the money.

Minnetonka, MN Minnetonka, MN

Ok, if I didn't go through the playbook and fix my resume step-by-step myself, I'd think this was voodoo. How else could you explain going from 0 responses after several weeks of applying to 4 after a few days?!

San Mateo, CA San Mateo, CA
The Real Deal

I've been putting aside three hours everyday dedicated to submitting job applications. I started about 6 weeks ago, but I've only gotten 1 response in that time. I was scrolling through my phone feeling really down about it when I came across an ad for this last week. This playbook is The Real Deal. It takes you through every part of your resume and breaks down how to optimize it. Don't think they missed a thing! It's only been 4 days of applying and I already have 3 interviews lined up.

Carlsbad, CA Carlsbad, CA
When all your hard work isn't paying off...

I busted my butt for four years at a job I didn't love for the experience so I could eventually move on to a better and brighter job I do love. I've been diligent in applying for jobs and following up, but according to LinkedIn, I'm one of over a thousand applicants for every single job I apply to. I was playing my odds at a game that I didn't know the rules of, even if I had all the right cards. This playbook laid out all the rules and what it takes to win. Since fixing up my resume using its optimization tips, I've been getting interviews left and right.

Eden Prairie, MN Eden Prairie, MN
So great!

Bought this playbook out of frustration after failing to hear back from any of the jobs I was applying to... was not expecting it to be so thorough! Over 70 helpful pages outlining the components of a perfectly optimized resume... I just wish I had found this earlier! It would have saved me a lot of time haha