The Ultimate Guide to Adulting

The Ultimate Guide to Adulting

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Why We Created This

The Ultimate Guide to Adulting helps recent college graduates tackle many of the common questions/challenges they’ll face after graduation, such as:

  • How to Budget and Save
  • Negotiating Salary
  • Selecting Medical Benefits
  • Transitioning to Full-Time work

Why is it that we spend over 15 years of our lives in school learning about things like linear algebra, Shakespeare, and photosynthesis, but never spend any time learning about things like how to budget and save, how to do our taxes, or how to do well in any style of interview?

PathMatch has any grad covered with our Ultimate Guide to Adulting. We took the most common challenges and topics people face in early adulthood (and let’s be honest, later in life as well) and created 80+ How-To Videos to provide guidance and advice to individuals when they need it most.

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In This Guide:

How to land that first job

What employers look for

Step-by-step guide to selecting benefits

Transitioning to full-time work

Business etiquette

Prioritization at work

How to Budget and Save

Investing 101

Stock Options vs RSUs

Building Credit

Health and Wellness

Car Insurance and maintenance

How to do laundry

Basic home maintenance

Growth mindset strategies


This Resume Playbook is amazing! I went from not hearing back to scheduling 9 interviews and receiving 2 offers within 4 weeks.

— Anna, Marketing Coordinator

You'll learn how to make the most out of your twenties

The world is evolving rapidly and graduates are often faced with many unknowns and challenges. After working with thousands of recent college graduates, we built the Ultimate Guide to Adulting so your college grad makes the most of their early adult years.


Learn ways to build wealth, prosperity, and happiness through videos filmed by other recent graduates


Learn what employers look for in top employees and how you can get hired and promoted


Stuff inevitably comes up like car accidents, a tough boss, or a challenging employment market. Learn how to prepare.

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Rye, NY Rye, NY
so helpful

I really wish I had something like this when I was younger and had no idea what was coming at me... Just got the Guide to Adulting for my daughter and watched some of the videos with her. We seriously can't stop watching! We're grateful for the invaluable information!!

Richmond, VA Richmond, VA
Why didn't I learn any of this sooner!

Coming out of college I thought I was ready to take on the world but had no idea what I was in for. I had focused so much on my GPA while my professional skills barely changed since High School. Now I understand email etiquette and how to write in a business setting, something many of my peers still struggle with.

Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA
Best grad gift

Got this for graduation and watched a couple of videos...and then got hooked. Before this I had never even thought about budgeting or even how auto insurance really works. It's going to be nice not to call my parents every time I don't know something.

Orange, NJ Orange, NJ

Senior year and graduation didn't happen as I had hoped, but I've been trying to make the most of it. I feel lucky to have a job to start shortly (hopefully). My aunt bought me this for graduation and it's such a great gift, since I have time on my hands for the first time in awhile. There's so much stuff that I hadn't even thought about like investing and budgeting or how to select health benefits in my new job. So much great stuff in these videos.

San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA
Adulting Got Slightly Easier :)

Truly cannot express how helpful this guide was! I learned so many things that I think should have been taught to me like how to do my taxes and how to interview. I actually watched the interview videos numerous times to prep for upcoming interviews and am in final rounds right now. What I like about this is that anytime in the future when I come across something that's likely to come up, I'll have somewhere to go for answers.