Top 10 Myths Parents and Students Believe About College

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Whether you’re starting the college process or already in it, there are a few preconceived notions regarding college.  These beliefs often mislead students and parents until it’s almost too late. We put together the top 10 myths students and parents believe about college and the reality of each myth:

1. College alone will help you land a great job
While this might have been true in the past, almost every entry-level job nowadays requires at least 1-3 years of experience! If a college degree isn’t the factor driving hiring, then what is and why isn’t a college degree alone enough to get hired?

2. If you go to a great school, you’ve got a higher likelihood of landing a great job
A great school will give you access to a great alumni network and look good on your resume. This doesn’t translate into getting a job unfortunately because you need relevant experience that isn’t found in school.

3. If you have a STEM major or practical major, you’re more likely to get a job
A STEM major isn’t a one-stop solution to getting a job after graduation. You’d have a higher chance of getting a job with a “impractical” major if you planned ahead and got the right experience.

4. What you major in defines your success and how much money you can make
A major is only what you studied and will not dictate your future. The greatest leaders in business know it’s not what makes a person. Your skill and work ethic are what defines your career future.

5. A high GPA leads to greater success
A good GPA is important but it’s only one measurement, one that doesn’t always translate that someone will be good at a job. Today's employers look at a variety of factors when hiring and education is usually low on that list.

6. Learning only happens in the classroom and in college  
College is only the beginning of your education since the world is constantly evolving. Being a lifelong learner will be much better for you in the long run than high grades.

7. College will teach you how to land a great job
College teaches you a lot of things but landing a job is not one of them. The only reliable way to land a great job is to build up experience.

8. All work experience is the same
Work experience is super important when entering the job search, but you need the right experience to set you up. It costs a lot for companies to train people so you need to focus on experience that will develop skills employers want.

9. Networking is hard (but easier for introverts)
Networking is intimidating to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about getting to know people whose advice and perspective can help you throughout your career. Networking can be done in so many ways and the best way to get over your nerves is to plan ahead!

10. Your classes will help you figure out what you want to do for a living
What’s taught in the classroom doesn’t exactly line up with what you’re going to be doing on the job. It’s important to enjoy what you’re learning, but you should always be picturing where you want to end up working and how you can get there.

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