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Product Management

We're still working on this Career Path.
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We're still working on this Career Path.
Check back soon!

A Day in the Life

Product Managers drive the strategic development of a product and lead the various teams that are responsible for improving a product in order to maximize sales, revenue, market share, and profit margins.

They conduct product research, analyzing market trends and competition, develop and test product hypotheses, and come up with the short- and long-term strategies.

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Work Responsibilities

  • Learn to understand businesses, customers, and how to break down broad objectives into concrete and measurable projects and actions to help achieve goals
  • Analyze website performance and develop a perspective on what is and isn't working using tools like Looker, Indicative, Google Sheets, and SQL
  • Develop product features from ideation to release (support writing briefs, do competitive research, data analysis, and help teams hit project milestones)
  • Lead the Scrum process for product teams, running spring planning, retrospectives, and helping manage the backlog
  • Work with other Product Managers to influence the roadmap, and measure performance on what we've built

Growth Path

  1. Associate Product Manager
  2. Product Manager
  3. Sr. Product Manager
  4. Director of Product

Skills You'll Need

  • Demonstrated track record of driving each step in product development: research, initial concept, requirements gathering, development/deployment planning, implementation, launch, testing, analysis, and iteration
  • Experience running A/B tests, evaluating results, and leading post-launch optimizations
  • Deep expertise in web-based product analytics tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Optimizely)
  • Experience running SQL queries or advanced experience with Excel
  • Demonstrated understanding of solid UX & design principles
  • Ability to lead cross-functional teams through the product development lifecycle
  • Strategic Planning & Product Lifecycle Management
  • Defining the Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • Developing Pricing Framework & Value Propositions
  • Evaluating Advertising Proposals
  • Identifying & Evaluating Opportunities
  • Performing Market Research & Competitive/Customer Analysis
  • Forecasting Sales, Performing Financial Analysis & Risk Management
  • Defining Requirements & Product Documentation
  • Creating Milestones, Setting KPIs, & Conducting Performance Tracking
  • Perform Beta Testing with Early Stage Products & Samples
  • Project Management, People Management, Product Development
  • Excellent Communication, & Leadership Skills

Industries You'll Work In

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Teams You'll Work With

Product Management works with engineering, design, marketing, and sales.


Demand for Talent

  • Projected growth: MASSIVE
  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open positions)
  • We are in the "Golden Age of Product Management"
  • There has been a 32% increase in Product Management jobs over the past 2 years
  • The accelerated pace, fierce competition, and rising customer expectations of the tech market, not to mention non-tech companies continuing to invest in digital transformation, ensures the growth and demand of Product Managers for years to come


Associate Product Manager
Product Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Director of Product

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