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Nanosystems Engineering

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A Day in the Life

A Nanosystems Engineer is a research and inventor on the cutting edge of science. They work with nanomaterials, which are materials that are roughly 1/100,000 of the width of a single stand of human hair. Most of their time is spent analyzing microscopic interactions between various materials and developing 3D computer simulations based on the observed properties of materials. They also synthesis and characterize a range of new materials and identify new uses for nanotechnologies that already exist.

Work Responsibilities

Skills You'll Need

  • Proficiency with computer software applications (MATLAB, MechDesigner, Solid Edge)
  • Strong mathematical skills 
  • Experience with computer-aided design software (CATIA, LinkCAD, PTC Creo Parametric) 
  • Experience with photo imaging software (Adobe Systems, Adobe FreeHand)
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills

Industries You'll Work In

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The Network You'd Build

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Example Jobs

Real World Professionals

Growth Path

  1. Nanosystems Engineer
  2. Sr. Nanosystems Engineer
  3. Nanosystems Engineering Manager
  4. Director of Nanosystems Engineering

Demand for Talent

  • This is a relatively new career path, which means that demand for nanosystems engineers will continue to rise over the next two decades 
  • The amount of job opportunities for nanosystems engineers is expected to grow by 4% from 2018 to 2028
  • The market for nanotechnology is also expected to be over $1 trillion annually within the next 10-15 years, which will also lead to exponential growth for demand of nanosystems engineers


Nanosystems Engineer
Sr. Nanosystems Engineer
Nanosystems Engineering Manager
Director of Nanosystems Engineering

Teams You'll Work With


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