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DevOps Engineering

We're still working on this Career Path.
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We're still working on this Career Path.
Check back soon!

A Day in the Life

DevOps Engineers bridge the relationship between development and IT operations. A DevOps Engineer has to manage the IT infrastructure to support software code in a hybrid multi-tenant environment. They resolve the conflict between Software Engineers who want as many new features as fast as possible and Operations (IT) people who want as few new features as possible.

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Work Responsibilities

  • Help the engineering team choose, deploy, and manage the necessary software development tools
  • Define and build the different development, testing, and production environments
  • Build a reliable Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Build the necessary networks to isolate and enforce security and cloud best practices
  • Build the necessary monitors, alerts, and self-healing capabilities for our solutions
  • Write code/scripts to automate certain engineering processes, mostly related to deployment

Skills You'll Need

  • Linux systems administration, including networking, security, performance tuning, and package management
  • Configuration and tuning of web applications built on technologies such as Nginx, Apache, Tomcat, SQL, and WordPress
  • Deployment and management of cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, Azure), with Serverless/Lambda experience
  • Moderate experience with scripting languages and related tooling, such as Shell, PHP, Python
  • Experience in DevOps/System Administration
  • Experience with CI/CD systems and designs (Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • Experience with container technologies and lifecycles in production environments (ECS, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge of infrastructure and automation tools (Chef, Terraform, Ansible)
  • Experience with AWS services and networking (EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, ElasticCache, EKS)
  • Fluency with at least one of the following programming languages: Ruby, Python, Bash

Industries You'll Work In

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The Network You'd Build

Here are a few real-word examples of jobs and people working in this industry right now.

Example Jobs

DevOps Engineer at Northwestern Mutual

DevOps Engineer at Epic Games

Senior DevOps Engineer at Holler

Head of DevOps Engineering at Oracle

Real World Professionals

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Manager of DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering

Director of DevOps

Director of DevOps

Growth Path

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Sr. DevOps Engineer
  3. DevOps Manager
  4. Director of DevOps

Demand for Talent

  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open jobs)
  • This role is in-demand because DevOps Engineers are responsible for companies delivering essential services, like frequent security updates
  • As companies continue to invest heavily in digital transformation, there is no end in sight for the increase in demand


DevOps Engineer
Sr. DevOps Engineer
DevOps Manager
Director of DevOps

Teams You'll Work With

DevOps Engineering works with the engineering teams.


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