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Content Marketing

We're still working on this Career Path.
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We're still working on this Career Path.
Check back soon!

A Day in the Life

Content Marketers increase web traffic and brand awareness by creating content people actually want, sharing content on the channels they use, and measuring the results of their content marketing activities. In the years to come, we are expected to see new and continued trends, such as video, voice-activated, personalized, data-driven, topic-focused content to increase in companies.

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Work Responsibilities

  • Write, edit, and proofread content and copy
  • Brainstorm ideas and develop new content in collaboration with growth, customer, product, and brand marketing teammates
  • Provide editorial, creative, and technical support to marketing and cross-functional team members
  • Work with the marketing team to track analytics and ascertain content engagement
  • Review, revise, and optimize content based on SEO, engagement, and conversion data
  • Collaborate with design/creative to produce content
  • Share content via social, email, and web channels

Growth Path

  1. Content Marketing Coordinator
  2. Content Marketing Specialist
  3. Content Marketing Manager
  4. Director of Content Marketing

Skills You'll Need

  • Ability to use data and metrics to measure the performance of content efforts, determine improvements and innovations, and to support project requests
  • Develop and execute multi-channel content strategies, such as web, mobile, email, chat, phone, etc.
  • Understanding of creative best practices and digital creative development including photography, videography, graphic design, and copywriting
  • Working knowledge of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Tableau
  • Understand SEO best practices to optimize content for reach and engagement
  • Excel at writing, editing, and researching, but are also business-minded and analytical
  • Have strong prioritization skills and an ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines
  • Knowledge of video, social media & influencer landscape, digital platforms, and native advertising campaigns
  • Familiarity with Wordpress or equivalent blogging platforms
  • Strong conversational writing skills, with the ability to engage an audience

Industries You'll Work In

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Teams You'll Work With

Content Marketing primarily works with marketing and PR teams.


Demand for Talent

  • Content Marketing jobs are up 33% year-over-year
  • Content Marketers are also being increasingly put into more leadership roles
  • There was a 13% increase in content director salaries this year
  • Hybrid content skills, or Content Marketers with a wide range of skills, are highest in demand, with demand only set to grow in the years to come


Content Marketing Coordinator
Content Marketing Specialist
Content Marketing Manager
Director of Content Marketing

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