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Brand Marketing

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A Day in the Life

When you hear a brand's name, what thoughts come to mind? If they are positive, inspiring, and make you want to run out and buy the brand's newest product, then a Brand Manager somewhere is doing his or her job. Brand Managers are responsible for ensuring that the products, services, and product lines that fall under their domain resonate with current and potential customers. They're tasked with engaging customers to enhance brand loyalty.

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Work Responsibilities

  • Drive sales and rapid growth through brand elevating marketing initiatives
  • Establish brand partnerships and drive partnership projects from concept to execution
  • Conduct market research to create content and messaging that increases brand awareness
  • Develop a consistent brand marketing performance feedback loop

Skills You'll Need

  • Strategy planning with business objectives in mind
  • Write creative briefs based on research and insights
  • Target market research and analysis
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Brand definition and brand positioning
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Strong business acumen
  • Ability to work cross-functionally
  • An understanding of trends and customer needs
  • Ability to manage and allocate budgets
  • Creativity and an ability to produce innovative and original ideas
  • And more...

Industries You'll Work In

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
Financial Services

The Network You'd Build

Here are a few real-word examples of jobs and people working in this industry right now.

Example Jobs

Brand Marketing Intern at Curology

Senior Brand Marketing Specialist at Gartner

Brand Marketing Manager at Pluto TV

Director of Brand Marketing at Buck Mason

Real World Professionals

Assistant Manager, Global Brand Marketing at L'Oreal

Global Brand Marketing Specialist at Nike

Brand Marketing Manager at Google

Brand Marketing Manager at Google

Director Of Brand Marketing at Free People

Head of Brand and Culture Marketing at Hulu

Growth Path

  1. Brand Marketing Coordinator
  2. Brand Marketing Specialist
  3. Brand Marketing Manager
  4. Director of Brand Marketing

Demand for Talent

  • Projected Growth: STRONG
  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open jobs)
  • With so many brands fighting for the attention of consumers, a brand's image is important now more than ever
  • ​As consumers continue to make purchases based on emotional connections to a brand, Brand Managers will only continue to grow in demand


Brand Marketing Coordinator
Brand Marketing Specialist
Brand Marketing Manager
Director of Brand Marketing

Teams You'll Work With

Brand Marketing works with the marketing team, public relations, potential partners, and customers.


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