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Stryker is a Medical Tech Company that is growing quickly. Among the nation’s most innovative biomedical companies.



Looks For

Stryker looks for individuals who believe in their mission of making healthcare better. They are seeking engaged, passionate, and talented people who are driven to seek the innovation, growth, and opportunity that Stryker offers.

History of


Stryker was formed in 1941 with a goal of bringing innovation to healthcare. Stryker's products include implants for surgical use and other surgical equipment for a variety of different medical uses.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Supply Chain / Logistics
Sales / Account Management
Research & Development
Human Resources / People / Talent
office locations
Greater Chicago
Greater San Francisco
Greater Phoenix
Greater Austin
2019 Revenue:


Internship Programs

Stryker Internship Program

Stryker offers internship programs in a variety of roles including Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Systems (IS), Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing, and Supply Chain & Logistics for students to expand their learning outside of the classroom. Stryker also has a variety of rotational programs (that have leadership capability included in the curriculum) available for recent college grads.

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
Pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's
  • Network with key / high-level stakeholders and leaders of the business
  • Meaningful projects
  • Apply classroom knowledge in a fast-paced and growing industry setting


Interview Process

For U.S. internships, applications for the following summer open in September. Recruiting is done on a rolling basis and generally lasts from September to early March depending on what roles have been filled.

1. Online Application

Students are invited to apply to as many positions they are interested in. Once your application is complete, an email will be sent with a link to a questionnaire to complete. You will not be considered until the questionnaire has been filled out.

2. Phone Interview

The next step of the process may include a phone interview with the Gallup Organization. The Gallup interview helps Stryker place the right people in the right positions according to their individual talents and strengths. The interview also helps Stryker to understand each applicant's fit to their work environment so that they can make the best choice for both the applicant and Stryker.

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network and see if they can offer you insight into Stryker and the interview process

Do your research

Do research on Stryker, such as their culture, current projects, company goals, etc.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at


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  • What are some of your weaknesses?
  • What got you into [area of focus]?
  • Why Stryker?
  • What interests you in the medical field?
  • How do you organize your day?
  • Do you usually seek out leadership positions?