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Snap Inc.

An American camera and social media company, specializing in Snapchat, Spectacles, and Bitmoji.


Snap Inc.

Looks For

Snap Inc. hires smart, kind and creative students and professionals. They also look for individuals who work well with others, as they believe that the best products come from a collaboration of different kinds of people. They seek individuals who express themselves, live in the moment, and want to learn about the world.

History of

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. was founded in 2011 by Stanford students Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. Reportedly, Brown came up with the idea of a social media app that enabled users to post photos and videos that disappeared from the site after a few moments and launched . In July, 2011, the co-founders released “Picaboo”, the precursor to Snapchat, but right afterward, Spiegel and Murphy forced Brown out of the company, and relaunched the company as Snapchat in September, 2011. Both Stanford students were only juniors at the time. As for Brown, he settled for $157 million in September 2014 with the two co-founders. Today, they have a strong management team, relatively low debt, and a passionate user base. Snapchat is in a great position for growth going forward. Today, Snap serves two constituencies: its users, who average of about 220 million a day, and the advertisers who pay Snap to reach those users. Almost all of Snap's revenue comes from advertisers.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
PR / Corporate Communications
Legal / Public Policy
Human Resources / People / Talent
Research & Development
Sales / Account Management
Security / Trust / Safety
Corporate Strategy & Partnerships
office locations
Greater Los Angeles
Greater San Francisco
Greater Chicago
Greater New York
Greater Seattle
2019 Revenue:

Snap Inc.

Internship Programs

Snap Inc. Intern Program

Snap offers internship programs year-round in a variety of roles across 7 Snap offices, with a focus on Engineering, Research and Business. Their internship program invites students to work alongside some of the brightest in their field to tackle emerging challenges with cutting-edge technology. Interns are encouraged to make a real impact at Snap — so you’ll be placed on a meaningful project right away, inspired to expand your skill set, and see the results of your work go live! Snap provides an environment where you're encouraged to grow, be mentored by smart leaders and have an opportunity to improve every single day.

Types of Internships:

  • Engineering
  • Research
  • Business

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
All years
  • Meaningful work
  • Access to mentors

Snap Inc.

Interview Process

The interview process is roughly 1-2 stages:

1. Initial Phone Screen

The first step of the process is One interview with HR Manager/Recruiter - Background interview. Be prepared to discuss: Why Snap?

2. Interviews

The next step is a round of interviews. For Software Engineering internship positions, there is a 60minute Hackerrank coding challenge followed by two virtual interviews usuallly hosted by an engineer with another observing. One may be more focused on traditional coding, the other on problem-solving. Both are held on Google HangOuts.

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network and see if they can offer you insight into Snap Inc. and the interview process

Do your research

Do research on Snap Inc., such as their culture, current projects, company goals, etc.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at

Snap Inc.

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  • Why Snap?
  • Why this role?
  • What’s your favourite Snapchat feature?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your highlights at your current/previous job?
  • Tell me a time you had to overcome a difficult situation and how did you handle/resolve the situation.

For Software Engineering Interns:

  • Asked trees and graph based questions
  • Randomly Shuffle an Array
  • Search list type of question, create a data structure to best support certain methods.
  • Write a calculator script, initial parameters were provided.
  • Linked list, graph questions
  • Check if 2 files match?
  • Given array of characters and a target word, can you construct the target word?

For Software Engineer New Grads:

  • Deep iterator
  • Find permutations, max sums
  • Graphs, Stack, Trees
  • How to return a permutation of an array by equal probability?
  • Sudoku Verifier, display 2d array diagonally.
  • Implement a Big Integer class with an addition operation. Displaying the number in base 10 is a requirement. Follow up: actually run the code and write tests for it.

For Software Engineers:

  • There is a list with words like: pin, pine, apple, pineapple. Go through the list and figure out which words are combinations of other words in the list, and which ones aren't
  • Create an auto complete system
  • Question about Strings and how to store certain aspects of the review.
  • Two rounds will dive deep into your experience. One round will discuss about system design. Both four rounds asked one coding question. You need to be able to run your code.
  • Recursive Algorithm
  • Basic calculator III
  • Leetcode 772
  • Just a matter of parsing, executing symbols and recursive call the function when (). However, if you have never done this problem, comming up with a working code for the first time in 45 min, without a real debugger, becomes impossible.
  • How to design search capability
  • Given problem to write code to find the number of instances of an integer in a sorted int array.
  • Implement an autocomplete function using a Trie.
  • In a matrix consisting of '1' and '0'. '1' is walkable and '0' is blocked. Give you a start point and an end point, ask you how many steps you can reach end point from the start point.
  • Given a target number and a single number, write a program to find the shortest path to calculate the target number by applying "+-*/" operations to the single number. No parentheses. For example, if we have target number=26 and single number=3 return 3 * 3 * 3 - 3 / 3.
  • Merge array of sorted intervals of time
  • Find max amount of rain water you can trap on top of a building
  • Remove duplicates in an array within k range
  • Object oriented programming questions and algorithm questions.
  • A basic algorithmic engineering challenge around Depth First Search
  • Given a list of words and a prefix string, return all of the words that share the same prefix.
  • Design a Microsoft paint fill bucket function.
  • Solving squareroot from first principles
  • Find shortest path in a top-down game with four directions of movement.
  • System design question about being able to implement a game which involves ordering n^2-1 pieces on an n^2 grid (one hole to put pieces in).
  • As an input, you have points on a 2D graph. You aim to find a straight line that can fit as my points as possible. Return, the maximum number of points you can fit.
  • Word split, parallel access lru cache, similarities of values in data streams, and a problem relating to conways game of life
  • How would you convert 123 to One Two Three in code and other such inputs.
  • DP, linked lists, graph, recursive backtracking, and one open-ended design question (Design ____).
  • Given a XML file, translate the XML file into a tree
  • Design a hit counter
  • Given two words (beginWord and endWord), and a dictionary's word list, find the length of shortest transformation sequence from beginWord to endWord, such that: 1.Only one letter can be changed at a time and 2.Each intermediate word must exist in the word list
  • The questions were harder than usual but generic: lists, graphs, binary search, hash maps, string parsing, some DP.
  • XML Parser, Queue using Stack, multithread, mutex implementation, system design, test, projects diving deep
  • Basic graph traversal keeping track of visited nodes.
  • Design and write code for a given practical scenario related to snaps.
  • Implement bigInteger add
  • The most difficult problem is based on real case scenario, to find the top viewed snaps among 2-tier friends, you have to define the data structure, and the solution first, and the solution should also be runnable in IDE
  • Design how you would rotate a drawing in a Java environment.
  • Determine whether a graph is bipartite
  • Write a function that checks if a sudoku board is valid or not.

For Software Engineers, Testing Platform:

  • Combinations of coins that reaches a sum without repeats. 2-D find the shortest distance (aka BFS). String manipulation and comparison. First 2 numbers in an array that sum up to N - extend to first 3 numbers in a array.
  • Given an array of a large size of data, find the closest and five closest numbers to a given target number

For Android Developers:

  • Make a custom stack (fixed size and dynamic size)
  • How would you design a section of their app
  • Deep copy of a graph. They want fully working code that runs on test cases

For iOS Developers:

  • Implement LRU cache
  • Implement BigInt substraction

For QA Engineers:

  • String and file manipulation questions
  • Approach to testing/automation
  • Matrix to test high traffic
  • What % in testing would you give for unit testing for an application like snapchat and why?
  • What is your approach to automation

For Information Security Engineers:

  • Explain ssl or ssh and break it down in as much detail as you can.
  • Standard leetcode type of a question.
  • Write code using hash functions
  • Review an intentionally flawed code looking 8 mistake

For Machine Learning Engineers:

  • Find the shortest path from top left to bottom right of a grid.
  • Print the content in a string in order based on the occurrence and alphabets.
  • How to implement np.sum() along a given axis?
  • What to do if you have a lot of unlabeled samples and little labeled samlpes?
  • Design a neural network to take a max of two numbers

For Data Scientists:

  • Design a relational database for storing song information (like iTunes)
  • SQL + Case Study with the metric design.
  • How would you improve a product?

For Designers

  • What is your design process from the beginning to the end?
  • Can you wireframe and create the ENTIRE user workflow of this project?
  • What tools are you using?

For Content Analysts:

  • Who is your favorite story teller? (producer, director, author)
  • What was a favorite recent story? Least favorite story and why?
  • What is a story that you have not seen that you would like to see?
  • What is your favorite movie? (offer more than one)
  • Why did you want to get into a creative role?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Create a snap video and explain the thought process behind it

For Researchers:

  • A question on using Heaps
  • A question on maximum likelihood estimate
  • A question to find common palindromes
  • Solve a basic coding problem (e.g. reverse the digits of an integer value)

For Recruiters:

  • Question about focus on candidate experience
  • What is your brand as a recruiter?  

For Account Managers:

  • What do you know about of ad products and can you give me an elevator pitch on the product of your choice?
  • How would you describe Snapchat?
  • How would you grow your book of business?

For Product Managers:

  • How do you work with engineers?
  • What is your favorite product ?
  • How would you improve the product?
  • Tell me an example of a data analysis process to change a feature or price of a product
  • What big idea could you think of to improve Snapchat?