Introducing PathMatch Vouch: Skills Endorsements from your Peers

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Everyone lists skills & strengths on their resume, but how can you actually prove to companies that you actually have expertise in JavaScript, Public Speaking, or Copywriting? As companies increasingly browse profiles like yours on PathMatch, they’re looking to make sure candidates really know their stuff.

Starting today, your PathMatch profile is getting a new feature that will do just that. Introducing Vouch, a way to show social & professional endorsements right on your PathMatch profile.

How Vouch Works

First, you’ll need to include the tools you know how to use and the strengths you have under the Skills section of your PathMatch profile. After all, folks can’t vouch for you if you have no skills listed!

Next, head over to the dashboard. Find the button: Copy Vouch Link

Tapping the button will copy your unique vouch link, which you can then text or email to your network. The great part is that whoever you send your Vouch link to doesn’t need to already have a PathMatch profile. Here’s what they’ll see:

They can Vouch for you just by adding their name and email – a security measure to prevent misuse of the Vouch system – so Vouch isn’t limited to just other current PathMatch users.

Once they are logged in, this is what they’ll see:

They can then tap any of your skills that they know you have. You'll be able to see how many Vouches you have received on each of your listed Skills in your profile.

Why Vouch Matters

We all know that the job market today is increasingly competitive, so every edge counts! When companies are browsing PathMatch profiles, there are factors that can tip candidates into the “must interview” bucket such as having a profile picture, profile video, skills & strengths, and now Vouches.

Because employers are able to see the number of Vouches you accumulate on each skill, that can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs through PathMatch.

Because of this, we’ve factored in Vouches – up to a limit – in your Hireability Score. When you accumulate Vouches, you’ll see your Score tick up. We can’t reveal how much exactly since we don’t want people to try and game the system, but in general you can imagine the more Vouches you collect, the higher your score will go. Peer endorsements are a public testament to the strength of each of your skills.

Start Vouching!

Ready to earn a boost to your PathMatch profile and Hireability Score? Start Vouching! Head to your profile, find your Vouch link, and start sending it to your network.

Here’s a quick message you can use:

Hi _________, could you Vouch for a few of my skills & strengths on my PathMatch profile? It would help me stand out to more companies and only takes a few seconds to do. Thank you! Here’s my Vouch link: ____________________

Happy Vouching!

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