Hiring in the Time of COVID

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As states begin to slowly reopen in the United States, companies are beginning to test the waters and open their physical doors. During this time, it is valuable to examine how hiring practices have changed during the pandemic.

What Companies Are Looking For
The global health crisis has changed many aspects of the hiring process. One of the main changes are the specific skills and talents that employers are looking for. Now more than ever, flexibility and adaptability are key in the modern work environment. These are the skills that have allowed for certain workers to stay employed during this time, whether that be through adapting to working irregular hours or working from home. In addition to that, companies are especially looking for employees with the ability to think critically and solve problems.

Career Fairs From Your Couch
During this time, companies still need to keep up with hiring new talent and the scouting of potential employees. We may be seeing many aspects of the job search and hiring process moving online, such as virtual career fairs. At these virtual events, companies are battling for job seeker’s attention and interest. While there may be an absence of eye contact and physical presentations, companies will definitely be working on new ways to attract and engage with potential employees virtually.

Lets (Video) Chat
Interviews are an integral part of any hiring process, and this won’t be going anywhere any time soon. You’ll still have the ability to present your best self to a company, but the way you do it may be different from past years. While not all companies are switching to video chat and Zoom interviews, many are switching to fully digital conversations. While some companies may resume in-person interviewing, most initial interactions with a company will take place online.

For online interviews, it is still important to make sure you are presenting yourself well, so we’ve gone ahead and laid out some video interviewing tips:

  1. Find a formal-looking spot where you can sit up straight, but also somewhere you can be comfortable.
  2. Make sure your internet can handle the meeting. If unsure, try to connect with a friend on the same platform you will be using to make sure the video and audio comes across clearly.
  3. Although it may feel awkward, be sure to keep “eye-contact” or camera contact and that you’re not looking around the room you are in.

For companies that will be resuming in-person interviews, remember that social distancing guidelines still apply. While the rules may differ from place to place, masks and social distancing of at least six feet are still encouraged, but you can forget about shaking hands for the foreseeable future.

A Possible Surge in Hiring
Many non-tech enabled companies implemented hiring freezes throughout the pandemic, but now that businesses are starting to reopen, hiring will start to pick back up. With many companies not knowing how they would be able to get through the pandemic and whether demand would change, hiring was slowed down for a while, but now with the future clearing up a bit more, the pace is definitely picking up. Now is a good time to perform some market and industry research to find companies looking for your specific skills and qualifications.

What Can You Do?
Recent grads are entering the job market and students are looking for internships during an unusual time. Not only are companies hiring less, there are also thousands upon thousands of newly unemployed workers searching for jobs. Despite the increase in competition, there are still some opportunities you can use to your advantage. One main thing to consider is your unique set of skills and traits and how they can benefit potential employers. Are you able to work flexible hours? Are you able to critically think and solve problems efficiently? If these or other valuable skills apply to you, be sure to make a note to showcase them on your application and resume.

Additionally, keep an eye on entry-level jobs and internships that are in high demand during this time. Healthcare, Tech, Logistics, and other fields are seeing higher levels of demand, and therefore will be looking to expand their businesses and employment. Pay attention to the news, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms to research jobs that are not only compatible with your skillset and education, but relevant and in high demand in our society. Another way to stay informed about the current job market situation is to sign up for our emails and read our other posts on pathmatch.com.

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