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Technology Sales

A Day in the Life

Technology Sales is a great path for those who are financially motivated. Did you know Tech Sales professionals are often the highest paid employees in the company? It's because salespeople build relationships to sell products and bring in revenue. And revenue is what keeps a company alive. A great product isn't going to sell itself, and it takes strong salespeople to get people and companies to purchase a product.

Work Responsibilities

  • Effectively map an organization to find the right contact
  • Build call lists daily and research prospects
  • Respond, engage and qualify inbound leads and inquiries
  • Strategize marketing campaigns for outreach based on trends
  • Drive growth of the customer base
  • Schedule appointments and demos
  • Hold intelligent and engaging conversations over the phone and email

Skills You'll Need

  • Ability to handle sales objections
  • Understanding of and ability to track and utilize sales terminology and metrics
  • Account-based selling, email writing, and prospect calling
  • Tech-savvy with Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Actively follow up and manage sales funnel through established CRM tools, like Salesforce
  • Other tools, like Outreach and LinkedIn Sales
  • Fierce competitor, creative thinker, captivating communicator, and a driven winner
  • A self-starter with a growth mindset and an appetite for learning, with the ability to receive and implement feedback
  • Proven track record of reaching and exceeding sales goals
  • Ability to engage and partner with C-Level executives
  • Ability to win the support of key stakeholders
  • Customer-focused mindset and consultative sales approach
  • Coachability, interest in implementing feedback, and dedication to the improvement of your craft with the ability to learn quickly

Industries You'll Work In

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The Network You'd Build

Here are a few real-word examples of jobs and people working in this industry right now.

Example Jobs

Sales Development Representative (SDR) for PatientPop.

Senior Account Executive for Hulu

Regional Sales Director for Splunk

SVP of Sales for PatientPop

Real World Professionals

SDR (Sales Development Representative)

Account Executive

Sales Manager

Senior Director of Sales

Head of Sales

Head of Sales

Growth Path

  1. Sales Development Representative
  2. Account Executive/Sales Manager
  3. Director of Sales
  4. VP of Sales

Demand for Talent

  • Projected Growth: MASSIVE
  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open positions)
  • The innovation boom and current state of digital transformation has created a demand for tech sales
  • When surveyed, 80% of HR Managers in tech plan to invest more in sales talent hiring this year
  • HR Managers ranked technical sales roles as the second most-challenging position to fill


$45K-$55K (+Commission)
Sales Development Representative
$90K base (+$30K-$160K Commission)
Account Executive/Sales Manager
$130K base (+$10K-$160K Commission)
Director of Sales
$200K base (+$10K-$420K Commission)
VP of Sales

Teams You'll Work With

Tech Sales work with the sales and marketing teams, as well as clients.


Work/Life Balance Score

Work/life balance is when someone equally prioritizes their career and their personal life. This balance can vary greatly from one career to the next.


Job Stability Score

Job stability is about more than your experience and career. As industries decline, so do the jobs in them.


Prestige Score

Job stability is about more than your experience and career. As industries decline, so do the jobs in them.

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