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Talent Acquisition

A Day in the Life

Talent Acquisition is a holistic, ongoing process that involves three steps: recruit, select, and onboard. The goal of Talent Acquisition goes beyond filling positions: it's a strategic approach to attracting, sourcing, recruiting, assessing, hiring, and onboarding the best talent to meet business objectives.

Work Responsibilities

  • Help organizations recruit, select and onboard the best candidates
  • Ensure smooth end-to-end candidate and client experience

Skills You'll Need

  • Experience with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and resume databases
  • Understanding of full-cycle recruiting using various interview and evaluation methods
  • Forecast quarterly and annual hiring needs by department and set goal targets
  • Determine selection criteria, design job descriptions and interview questions
  • Strategize employer branding
  • Understanding of HR tools and processes
  • In-depth knowledge of candidate sourcing for both active and passive candidates
  • Tactical workforce planning
  • Direct sourcing and recruiting experience
  • Experience utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter

Industries You'll Work In

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The Network You'd Build

Here are a few real-word examples of jobs and people working in this industry right now.

Example Jobs

Talent Acquisition Specialist at Louis Vuitton

Talent Acquisition Partner at TikTok

Talent Acquisition Manager at Chewy

Director of Talent at Webflow

Real World Professionals

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Manager

Global Talent Leader

SVP, Global Talent Acquisition

Growth Path

  1. Talent Acquisition Coordinator
  2. Talent Acquisition Specialist
  3. Manager of Talent Acquisition
  4. Director of Talent Acquisition

Demand for Talent

  • Projected Growth: MASSIVE
  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open positions)
  • A report found 78% of Talent Acquisition respondents received a salary increase and 57% received a promotion or title change within the last year
  • Demand for Recruiting professionals has increased 63% in the past 3 years


Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Manager of Talent Acquisition
Director of Talent Acquisition

Teams You'll Work With


Work/Life Balance Score

Work/life balance is when someone equally prioritizes their career and their personal life. This balance can vary greatly from one career to the next.


Job Stability Score

Job stability is about more than your experience and career. As industries decline, so do the jobs in them.


Prestige Score

Job stability is about more than your experience and career. As industries decline, so do the jobs in them.

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