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Sales Operations

We're still working on this Career Path.
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We're still working on this Career Path.
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A Day in the Life

Sales Operations, also known as Sales Ops, serves as the brains behind the sales teams. It's the backroom where data is analyzed, plans are hatched, goals are set, and anything and everything on how to sell more and profit is covered.

If Sales Reps are race car drivers, Sales Ops are the guys in the pit, getting the drivers across the line quickly and efficiently.

Work Responsibilities

  • Track performance and report against targets and goals
  • Develop and deliver KPIs, dashboards, and reports that enable the business to track, measure, and drive revenue and gross profit
  • Recognize, develop, and implement process improvements within the Sales team
  • Identify areas of opportunity within the sales process that may be leading to inefficiencies and run effective project management to roll out solutions

Skills You'll Need

  • The ability to create and maintain dashboards and reports, qualify, de-dupe, and scrub lead and account lists, maintain customer and transactional data, and more in Salesforce
  • Manage quota, commissions reporting, and calculations
  • Data visualization with tools like Tableau
  • Advanced Excel, such as VBA and Pivot tables
  • The ability to write and run complex SQL series
  • Ability to track and analyze key metrics
  • Develop data-driven insights and make actionable recommendations
  • Ability to learn and leverage sales tools
  • Perform research, data review, and predictive modeling
  • Knowledge of business, finance, marketing strategies, sales techniques, sales processes, and the domain

Industries You'll Work In

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The Network You'd Build

Here are a few real-word examples of jobs and people working in this industry right now.

Example Jobs

Sales Operations Specialist for Comfy

Sales Operations Specialist for NBCUniversal

Sales Operations Manager for Reddit

Director of Sales Strategy & Operations for Postmates

Real World Professionals

Sales Operations and Productivity Specialist

Sales Operations Analyst

Sales Operations Manager

Senior Sales Operations Manager

Director of Sales Operations

Director, Sales Operations

Growth Path

  1. Sales Operations Specialist
  2. Sales Operations Analyst
  3. Manager of Sales Operations
  4. Director/VP of Sales Operations

Demand for Talent

  • Projected Growth: MASSIVE
  • Current Demand: FIRE (50k+ open positions)
  • In the highest performing sales teams, about half of the members are in support roles, like SalesOps
  • Due to rapid technological advancements, shifts in consumer behavior, the overcrowding of marketplaces, and the introduction of new communication channels, SalesOps is a must-have for businesses across all industries
  • Companies continuing to invest in being more data-driven ensures the growth of SalesOps teams


Sales Operations Specialist
Sales Operations Analyst
Manager of Sales Operations
Director/VP of Sales Operations

Teams You'll Work With

Sales Operations work with the sales, legal, and marketing teams as well as clients.


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