Software Engineering Intern


Company Description

HeraSoft™ has solved the ransomware crisis by anchoring to the unhackable blockchain. Our SaaS suite secures any type of data and works with existing cloud software to protect current systems. HeraStamp™ Tamper-Proof Time Stamp. The integrity of any type of data can be verified with absolute certainty! Proprietary technology creates an unalterable hash that is recorded simultaneously on four blockchains at once. Once data is logged it can be compared against any subsequent version for absolute authenticity. HeraPass™ The ultimate solution to hacked or stolen credentials 61% of all breaches can be attributed to hacked credentials. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link HeraPass is a blockchain-based user management solution that utilizes "Zero-Knowledge Password Proof Protocol" to achieve anonymization and encryption of this highly sensitive data, including private and public key pairs. Eliminates the expense of OAuth servers. Once protected, a user credential base attack is virtually impossible.

Job Description

You will design and develop tools that automatically identify security issues. You will collaborate with security auditors to understand blockchain security issues.

Design and develop software tools that help identify blockchain security issues.

Work on all aspects of delivering working software that meets customer needs, including analysis, design, automated testing, operations, CI/CD, measuring results, incorporating customer feedback, and support.

Collaborate with other software engineers on developing tools.

Learn new verification and security analysis technologies.


Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field

Experience with one of the following: static analysis, program verification, model checking, fuzz testing, compilers, or related technologies. At least one course or equivalent experience

Demonstrated knowledge of fundamental computer science concepts such as data structures, algorithms, testing, and source code control

At least 1 year of experience programming in an object-oriented language or functional programming language