Computer Science Intern

Budget Collector

Company Description

Budget Collector is a data science company dedicated to turning art enthusiasts into art collectors through our mobile app. We pride ourselves in having an ever expanding database on fine art, and our goal to always ask research focused questions surrounding the art market and art viewership.

Job Description

  • Perform routine data entry for Airtable databases
  • Reorganize hierarchy and key relations for all databases: Firebase, Airtable, etc
  • Help with the implementation of a new database directed for clients
  • Assure that security rules, for databases, test well against bad faith actors
  • Set-up servers for machine learning and statistical models, as well as regular system jobs
  • Learn about the art market from a data science perspective, and write biweekly articles based on your research
  • Create a data visualization project focused on fine art representation, or the history behind the arts


  • You’re highly motivated and independent
  • You’re a team player, and you understand that everyone on the team is growing with you
  • You’re excited about the hard problems, and you approach the easy ones positively
  • You’re passionate about your growth
  • A background in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or engineering
  • Skills in either: Python, JavaScript, databases, servers, or machine learning modeling