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Every student is different. But with PathMatch's program, every student has a better chance of finding and getting a job in a career they'll love.

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Find the perfect career path for you

Take the PathMatch assessments and get matched to in-demand, modern career paths. Learn about each path, the companies that hire them, and what growth looks like. Select your ideal path.

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Resume & LinkedIn Optimization

Landing internships and jobs these days requires a resume that has the right keywords, formatting, font, and skills. Optimize your resume to improve your chances of landing great internships/jobs. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to get “found” by recruiters.

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Internship and Job Matching

It takes roughly 100+ resume submissions to land an internship or job. In 2021, it will take far more.

PathMatch streamlines internship and job searching, taking the guesswork out of searching for the right opportunities. Apply to 100+ relevant internships and jobs faster than you would on your own and get Client-Only access to internships not posted online or at schools.

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Interview Preparation

Make the most out of every interview through guided interview preparation. Improve your interviewing skills through mock interview preparation. Learn the best way to answer the top 50 most common interview questions.

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Land premier internships & jobs

Developed by a former recruiter and career coach, the PathMatch system has helped hundreds of students/grads land internships and jobs at:

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ATS Optimized Resume Template
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Post-Interview Follow Up Emails
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Personalized Resume Editing
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Unlimited Text & Chat Support
Daily Virtual Office Hours with Coaching Staff
Group Mock Interview Prep
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Personalized Career Guidance
Personalized Interview Preparation
20 Internship/Job Search Suggestions a Month
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