Verizon is currently one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and has offices in a number of different countries.



Looks For

Verizon cares a lot about employee diversity, believing that differences are a strength. Verizon also looks for employees that will contribute positively to the inclusive workplace environment they have built over the years. Applicants should place an emphasis on how they work with people who are different from them and what makes them unique compared to other potential employees.

History of


Verizon is an American telecommunications company created in 2000 through a merger of GTE Corporation and Bell Atlantic Corporation. It offers a variety of wireless products and services. It is currently the second largest provider of wireless telecommunications in the US, only trailing AT&T. Verizon is currently ranked 20th on the Fortune 500, dropping one spot over the past year. Verizon has placed an emphasis on building the best 5G network over diversifying their current portfolio through stepping into the entertainment industry which Comcast and AT&T has done. This seems to have worked in their favor with profits surging by 24% over the past year.


Internship Programs

Verizon Internship Program

Verizon offers a variety of internships and co-ops for college students. With both technical and business positions available, interns are placed in the firm’s engineering, telecommunications, operations research, IT, marketing, sales, finance, accounting and HR departments. Throughout the program, Verizon interns learn about the company’s various sectors, have access to online courses, and serve on the intern advisory board. Internships are offered year-round, but the summer program provides the most structure. Some summer interns also stay on as interns in the fall. Programs range from 10 weeks to 6 months.

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Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Human Resources / People / Talent
Supply Chain / Logistics
Legal / Public Policy
Customer Support / Success
Project Management
Sales / Account Management
Data / Analytics
Consulting / Professional Services
PR / Corporate Communications
Office Locations
New York, NYC
Charlotte, NC
Los Angeles, CA
Tampa, FL
Kansas City, OK
Phoenix, AZ

Internship Info

Number of interns (2022)
Preferred education level
All years
  • Access to online educational courses
  • Intern advisory board


Interview Process

The process depends on the internship that the individual is applying for but they all start with a recruiter reaching out to communicate the next steps.

1. Initial Phone Screening

Frequently, there is an initial brief conversation with a recruiter to go over the candidate's background and interests.

2. Interview(s)

If moved to the next round, the next step is a second and possible third interview with managers of the job type the applicant is applying for. There is also a possibility of tests that the applicant will have to pass in order to demonstrate an aptitude for the work they would do as an intern.