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As of 2019, PwC is the 5th largest privately owned company in the US. In 2019, PwC firms provided services to 85% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses.



Looks For

PwC focuses on five core attributes when hiring; whole leadership, technical capabilities, business acumen, global acumen, and relationships.

History of


PwC manages the global brand, and develops policies and initiatives to create a common and coordinated approach in areas such as risk, quality, and strategy. Their professional services including audit and assurance and tax and consulting cover areas such as cybersecurity and privacy, human resources, deals, and forensics. They help resolve issues and identify opportunities across these industries.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Human Resources / People / Talent
Data / Analytics
Corporate Strategy & Partnerships
Sales / Account Management
Big 4 / Consulting
Public Accounting
office locations
Greater New York
Greater Atlanta
Greater Austin
Greater Boston
Greater Charlotte
Greater Chicago
Greater Denver
Greater Houston
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Miami
Greater Philadelphia
Greater Pittsburgh
Greater San Francisco
Greater Seattle
2019 Revenue:


Internship Programs

Advance Internship Experience

The Advance Internship Experience is a paid, eight-to-ten week program for rising Seniors. During the program, interns undergo training to develop their leadership and technical skills. They also get to collaborate with PwC partners and staff to complete exciting projects and client assignments. Moreover, over 90% of interns participating in this program receive full time offers for after graduation. 

Start Diversity Internship Experience

This summer internship program is for rising Juniors who self-identify as members of traditionally underrepresented minority groups. Interns participating in this program receive a rare insight into the professional services industry and are able to strengthen their analytical, technical, and research skills. Additionally, interns also are exposed to professional and technical development opportunities and work on community service projects. 

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
Juniors and seniors

- Leadership development/coaching

- Impact Intern Festival


Interview Process

Online Tests

Once you submit your application, you will be prompted to take some online tests to gauge your skill level.

First Interview

If you make it past the online tests, you will then be invited to an in-person interview to further assess your personality, background, interests, and skills.

Final Interview

The final step before a decision is made is going into an assessment center and going through a final interview.

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network or employees via LinkedIn and see if they can offer you insight into PwC and the interview process.

Do your research

Conduct research on PwC so that you can tell an interviewer exactly how your vision, ideal work environment, interests, and goals align with theirs. Have a list of questions ready to show your passion.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type and any relevant technical questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at


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  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What role do you take in a group project?
  • Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult team member and how you resolved the conflict
  • When were you in a situation that you needed good communication skills?
  • Given case details, which three things would you prioritize and why?
  • How do you stay up to date on global news?