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MathWorks is an American corporation that focuses on developing mathematical computing software and other services. Its two main software products are MATLAB and Simulink. The former revolves around data analysis, mathematical models, and algorithms; the latter is a program that generates code and runs simulations.



Looks For

MathWorks is looking to hire individuals who are energetic and passionate about advancements in engineering and science. They want employees who have unique strengths, can work well on a team, and are dedicated to innovation and development.

History of


MathWorks was founded in 1984 by Cleve Moler, Jack Little, and Steve Bangert in Portola Valley, California. The company revolved around the product, MATLAB, which was originally created in the 1970s by Moler and was redeveloped in 1984 to correspond to the programming type C. The company then relocated to Massachusetts and began to expand, subsequently becoming profitable in the year 1997.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Design (UI/UX)
Quality Assurance
Sales Operations
Customer Support / Success
PR / Corporate Communications
Human Resources / People / Talent
Legal / Public Policy
office locations
Greater Boston
Greater San Diego
Greater San Francisco
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Detroit
Greater Dallas
2019 Revenue:


Internship Programs

MathWorks Internship Program

MathWorks offers an internship program for graduate and undergraduate students looking to gain valuable work experience. These positions last between three and six months, both over the summer and throughout the year. As a MathWorks intern, you’ll work on a variety of projects with milestones and deliverables. You’ll also have a dedicated mentor to help you get started who will also give you regular feedback throughout your internship.

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
Current undergraduate students and graduate students
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Meaningful Work
  • Onsite 24/7 Fitness Center
  • Group Fitness Classes & Yoga
  • Free Daily Meals
  • Casual Dress


Interview Process

The interview process for MathWorks is typically at least 3 steps.

1. Hirevue Interview

Candidates will be given questions to respond to online and will be given a couple of minutes to record their responses.

2. Hackerank Test

Depending on the position you are applying for, you may have to complete an online Hackerank test, which will be a coding assessment.

3. Phone Screening

The next step is a brief phone interview with a recruiter or HR representative. Questions will be a mix of behavioral and technical The interviewer may ask about your programming skills and your resume.

4. In-Person Interview

Interviews are typically conducted by senior employees and are more technically focused; questions will be focused on programming, coding, and engineering, if you are applying for an internship in that field. For non-technical roles, questions will be more specific to the responsibilities of the role for which you are applying.

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network or employees via LinkedIn and see if they can offer you insight into MathWorks and the interview process.

Do your research

Do research on MathWorks, such as their culture, current projects, company goals, etc.

Familiarize yourself with their two main products: MATLAB and Simulink

There is a lot of information out there about MATLAB and Simulink. Make sure you are prepared prior to your interview by knowing as much as you can about the two. If you’re unsure where to start, enroll in a PathMatch plan and a career coach can guide you through the entire application and interview process.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at


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