How to get a job at

Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment is the global leader in live events and ticketing, including corporate departments like business operations and corporate functions across 5 major divisions, Ticketmaster, House of Blues, Concerts, Media & Sponsorship, and Artist Nation.


Live Nation Entertainment

Looks For

Live Nation Entertainment prioritizes skills like superior written and oral communication skills, strong organizational/multi-tasking skills, attention to detail, phone etiquette, knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook), and basic knowledge of HTML tags. Graphic design knowledge and experience is also a plus at Live Nation Entertainment.

History of

Live Nation Entertainment

Founded by Robert Sillerman in 1996, Live Nation Entertainment is an events promoter and venue operator. Live Nation is now based out of Beverly Hills with approximately 10,000 employees company-wide.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
PR / Corporate Communications
office locations
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Atlanta
2019 Revenue:
$10.34 billion

Live Nation Entertainment

Internship Programs

Live Nation Entertainment Internship Program

With internships all year round, Live Nation Entertainment provides interns with hands-on experience in the entertainment industry along with the opportunity to learn new skills from industry professionals. 

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
Junior and Senior
  • Free event tickets 

Live Nation Entertainment

Interview Process

Phone Screen with a Recruiter or Hiring Manager

In this initial interview, the recruiter or hiring manager will gauge your professional interests and goals, as well as why you are interested in the position.

In-person Interview

This second interview is typically in person with the potential manager for the specific internship.

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network and see if they can offer you insight into Live Nation Entertainment and the interview process

Do your research

Do research on, such as their culture, current projects, company goals, etc.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at

Live Nation Entertainment

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  • What are your goals for this internship?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • What was your favorite album this year?
  • Favorite artist or band.
  • What do you know about Live Nation?
  • How do you manage short vs long term goals?
  • What previous experience qualifies you for this position?