Google is a multinational, publicly-traded organization built around the company's hugely popular search engine. Google's other enterprises include Internet analytics, cloud computing, advertising technologies, and Web app, browser and operating system development.



Looks For

Google is looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. If you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you’re seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team, then you’re a future Googler.

History of


Google has landed the top spot for the 6th year in a row on the Fortune 500’s Best Companies To Work For. As a top company, it is incredibly competitive to get hired at Google. They are also a child company of Alphabet; the revenue listed is Alphabet’s total revenue.


Internship Programs

Google Internship Program

Google offers various internship programs which last about 12-14 weeks long. Their programs include Business Internship, MBA Internship, BOLD Internship, Legal Internship, Career Internship, STEP, User Experience Internship, Associate Product Manager Internship, Mechanical Engineering Internship, and Hardware Engineering Internship. A Google spokesperson says Google accepts only 1,500 interns out of 40,000 applicants every year in the United States.

What it's like to Work at


Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
UI & UX Design
Business Development
Corporate Strategy & Partnerships
Legal / Public Policy
Sales / Account Management
Customer Support / Success
PR / Corporate Communications
Human Resources / People / Talent
Office Locations
San Francisco, CA
Austin, TX
New York, NYC
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Washington DC
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA

Internship Info

Number of interns (2022)
Preferred education level
Current students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Free housing, transportation & flights
  • Professional massages
  • Flexible work hours
  • Internal hackathons
  • On-site haircuts with professional stylists
  • And much more...


Interview Process

Initial Resume Screen

The process begins with an initial resume screen as roles become available. Depending on available roles and regions you apply to, you may receive a follow-up survey.

Phone Interview

The next step in the process is a phone interview with HR to better understand your background and see if it could be a fit. The call should last around 20 minutes. Unlike most companies, Google goes past just the behavioral and will often ask technical questions in the first phone interview, so be prepared.

Phone Technical Interview(s)

There are then usually 1-2 more phone interviews, this time purely technical.

Essay Components

If decided to move on to the next round, there is an optional essay (but strongly recommended to be submitted) regarding skills and preferences. 


There will be a couple more interviews past this stage. Typically one that is purely behavioral and one that is technical.

Hiring Committee

At this stage, the recruiters will send your hiring packet (resume, interview results, etc) to the hiring committee to review and decide whether to recommend to hire the applicants. There are 3 possible outcomes: hire, no hire, or extra interview.