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Discovery Inc. is one of the largest providers for factual or otherwise non-scripted entertainment. The chances are you have watched at least one of their networks, some being TLC, Food Network, HGTV, and Animal Planet.



Looks For

Discovery is looking to hire individuals that are innovative, creative, and curious. They want people who are unafraid to challenge themselves and are excited to explore unique and exciting opportunities.

History of


Discovery started out as simply the “Discovery Channel” but in the 90s began acquiring companies, starting with “The Learning Channel”. It also launched spin-off networks that have lasted until this day such as “Science Channel”. In the 2000s, under president and CEO David Zaslav, Discovery branched out into many more digital media offerings.

Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Data / Analytics
Design (UI/UX)
Product Management
office locations
Greater DC
Greater Miami
Greater Nashville
Greater Chicago
Greater Detroit
Greater Los Angeles
Greater Charlotte
Greater New York
Greater Atlanta
2019 Revenue:


Internship Programs

Discovery Intern Program (Spring/Summer)

The Discovery Intern Program is a 12 week, paid program that is offered in a variety of cities across the United States. The program allows its interns to explore different career opportunities and to strengthen their professional skills through hands-on learning experiences. The program also facilitates speaker sessions, networking events, and mentorship opportunities so that interns can learn more about their career paths. The Discovery Intern Program is geared towards rising Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students.

Internship Info

Number of interns (2019):
Preferred education level:
Students in their Junior and Senior year or pursuing a graduate degree
  • Wellness Centres
  • Kids Places at large locations
  • Discovery events such as Discovery Unplugged coffee house performances


Interview Process

1. Recorded Video Interview

7 questions where you will have a set period of time for each question. The first questions are mainly around why you are right for this role while the last 2 questions ask about what excites you in Discovery and what shows you enjoy on their various networks.

2. Video Interview

This interview will be with a team member to test your fit and go over your resume

How to Prepare

Use your network

Reach out to your alumni network and see if they can offer you insight into Discovery, Inc. and the interview process

Do your research

Do research on Discovery, Inc., such as their culture, current projects, company goals, etc.

Practice makes perfect

The positions are very competitive to get, so doing your research and preparing for behavioral-type questions is imperative.

Common Interview Questions at


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  • How will your past experiences help you in this job?
  • What is your favorite show on any Discovery or related channels? 
  • What kind of shows do you like to watch? 
  • What sets you apart from the other competitive applicants? 
  • Are you a self-starter or do you need external motivation?