Apple is a multinational technology company that develops and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and other online technology services. Apple has released major hardware products, including the iPhone, Mac personal computer, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple is also the world’s largest technology company by revenue and is considered to be of the Big Tech companies, alongside Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.



Looks For

Apple is looking for employees who are never willing to accept the status quo. They want people who are persistent and fearless, willing to voice their opinions. Apple is also looking for people who are passionate and idealistic.

History of


Apple was founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozinack, and Ronald Wayne. Their first product was Apple I, which was a motherboard marketed as a computer. Apple went public in 1980, and their market capitalization was valued at $1.778 billion after their first day of trading.


Internship Programs

At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you can work on critical projects on an Apple campus. As part of the Apple community, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on the way we work and the people who lead us. To be eligible for Apple’s student programs, you must be enrolled in a college, university, or graduate program.

What it's like to Work at


Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Sales / Account Management
Project Management
UI & UX Design
Data / Analytics
Office Locations
San Francisco, CA
Austin, TX

Internship Info

Number of interns (2022)
Preferred education level
Mostly Undergraduate Junior and Seniors, sometimes Sophomores
  • Discount on Apple products 
  • Company sponsored events
  • Stipends to cover commute costs


Interview Process

After filling out an online application, there are typically around four rounds of interviews before you are offered a position; this is dependent on the department you are applying to work in and will typically include:

1. A phone call interview with a recruiter

In this initial interview, you will be asked technical questions. The interviewer tends to ask a lot of questions about past projects you’ve completed and your level of skill.

2. Video or in-person interviews

In this video or in-person interview, candidates typically interview with Senior Managers and Vice Presidents and will be asked behavioral and personal questions.