3M produces over 60,000 products under several brands, including adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, window films, paint protection films, dental and orthodontic products, electrical and electronic connecting and insulating materials, medical products, car-care products, electronic circuits, healthcare software and optical films.



Looks For

3M wants people driven by the company’s mission to make people’s lives better. Whatever division you work in you’ll be part of changing people’s lives so they want employees who aren’t afraid of a challenge and can work as part of a team effectively.

History of


The driving goal behind 3M is making people’s lives better with science. As one of the largest production conglomerates there isn’t a sector they don’t touch one way or another. To show how dominant they are in the industry one third of their business comes from products 3M invented in the past five years.


Internship Programs

3M Intern Program (Summer)

3M internships typically last 10-12 weeks and run from May to August. 3M offers a variety of internships in different professional fields and, during the program, interns get the opportunity to work on meaningful projects. Moreover, the program focuses on integrating the interns into the company by creating networking and professional development opportunities.

What it's like to Work at


Quick Facts

Entry-level careers:
Data / Analytics
Project Management
CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
Packaged Goods
Office Locations
Minneapolis, MN

Internship Info

Number of interns (2022)
Preferred education level
Rising Junior or Senior
  • Tobacco cessation offerings 
  • Stress management coaching
  • Confidential Employee Assistance Program


Interview Process

1. Phone Interview

This interview will be short and will be with a Hiring Manager where they will get a better idea for you as an applicant.

2. In-Person Interview

This interview is the second and last stage where you will be interviewed by a technical team that tests your skills that would be used day-to-day in the role you applied to.