PathMatch for College Students

College Students have a lot on their plate.

  • Classes, exams, projects, papers

  • Studying

  • Extracurriculars

  • Social Activities

  • Jobs

  • Relationships

  • Internship and Job Search

  • Networking

But if you don't know what you want to do for a living, how do you know if you're spending your time effectively?


Connect to relevant Career Paths

Get matched to paths based on personality, goals, values, and location preferences.

Explore paths to ensure alignment 

Learn about growth opportunities, career progression, compensation, work-life balance, and job stability & availability

Select your ideal path

Evaluate what's important and make your career path selection using our Career Selection tool.

develop skills and experience

Discover what skills and experience employers value in your selected path and how you can develop these skills immediately.

Learn how to network

Networking can be intimidating for most students.  PathMatch teaches students how to network effectively.

Understand hiring timelines

Learn about internship and job hiring timelines at relevant companies.

Resume and cover letter writing

  PathMatch increases interview conversions by helping students write targeted and effective resumes.

Interview preparation

Increase your chances of getting offers through the PathMatch Interview Prep program.