Career Accelerator for Incoming Sophomores

Career Accelerator for Incoming Sophomores

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Why We Created This

Are you...

  • An incoming college Sophomore (or parent of one)? Not sure what career path is right?
  • Feeling a little anxiety about what path to choose and how you’ll land a job in the future?
  • Changing your mind on what you want to do because of COVID-19?

If you answered yes to all of these, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, PathMatch can help.

PathMatch has helped thousands of students select the best matched career path and more importantly has helped students take the steps needed to build the appropriate skills and experience required these days by employers when selecting candidates for internships and entry-level jobs.

PathMatch’s 5-week Virtual Career Accelerator for Incoming Sophomores helps students determine their ideal career path, learn valuable skills early on, and position their resume for Summer internships, so they are top candidates for Sophomore and Junior Summer Internships, which in turn helps them land jobs prior to senior year.

Want to give yourself or your son/daughter the best chance at a brighter future?

Our next cohort starts on June 29th. Only 4 spots left!

What’s going on? A major skills gap between what students know and what companies need them to know.

  • More and more people are graduating college each year (~2 million in 2020)
  • Companies have automated most of their basic functions, previously given to entry-level hires
  • Hiring requirements for new grads and interns are more demanding than ever
  • Each year, roughly 1 million internships are offered to the 19 million college students

It’s much tougher to do if you don’t decide early on. But, students who work with PathMatch prior to Sophomore year have a 92% higher chance of landing an internship Sophomore summer due to knowledge gained through our programs.

Only 4 items in stock!

What's Covered:

Week 1 - Matching and Discovery - Leverage the PathMatch matching system to get match to top paths. Learn about 6-8 different matched career paths

Week 2 - Select the Right Path - Use the PathMatch Career Selection Tool to select the best fit path and speak with your career coach

Week 3 - Planning (Select Your Major, Minor, and Classes) - Learn what top matched companies are looking for when assessing interns and entry-level hires. Work with your career coach to lay out a plan.

Week 4 - LinkedIn, Resume, and Cover Letter Editing - Learn how to build a strong LinkedIn profile so you can get “found” by recruiters. Learn the inside resume writing secrets students rarely ever learn on campus to increase your chances of landing an internship

Week 5 - Internship planning - Learn about recruiting timelines for companies so you don’t miss out.

Students will also have access to our Private Facebook Group to continue receiving updates and info to help them throughout the school year.

PathMatch uncovered careers that I never knew existed. I now have my summer internship secured and a monthly plan for how I'm going to land my first job out of college. PathMatch helps me stay on track each month so I don't lose focus.

— David, UCLA Junior

The workforce is evolving at a rapid pace and everything starts much earlier these days. Students have to have a clear understanding of what they want to do by the time they get to college so they can select their classes strategically, learn the appropriate skills, and network to get in front of companies.


Select classes that will help you learn valuable career-building skills


Learn how companies hire and what they look for in interns


What can you be doing to make sure you’re prepared?

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Reston, VA Reston, VA
Making the best of stay at home

When I got word that my spring internship was cancelled, I was devastated. This would have been my first internship, ever, and I was really looking forward to the hands-on experience it would provide. I was also excited to explore my desired career field and see what possible paths were out there for me. But all of that was gone in an e-mail thanks to COVID-19. I still wanted to make the most of my time, especially now that I had more of it at home, so I looked into various resources that could provide me with the career preparation I need. I bought a few books, all that came highly recommended, and this boot camp, and let me just say that this boot camp is better than reading 100's of books about career discovery and career preparation! I've learned more in 2 months than I have in my 14 years of school. I also gained skills along the way that helped me secure a virtual internship over summer. That's right, I got an internship during this crazy time! And it's all thanks to PathMatch's amazing program and career coaches.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Gave my daughter purpose

After my daughter's first year of college was cut short due to coronavirus, I was seriously worried about her mental health. Not only was she separated from her friends and classmates, she also had to stop her volunteer work and her internship was cut short. The first few weeks back she barely got out of bed or off TikTok. But then I got an email from her school with resources to help students stay motivated and learning. I'm not going to lie, she was annoyed at first. She said she was perfectly content just moping around, but once she started the program, which only took maybe 1 to 3 hours a week, she became excited about her career prospects. With the help of PathMatch's tools, learning tracks, and coaches, my daughter has made new career goals and an actionable plan to help achieve them. It's a welcome change from her first week back.

Lucas .
Babylon, NY Babylon, NY
Maximizing College with PathMatch

COVID-19 made me realize that I didn't have a plan for what I wanted to do with my education and I was having some serious anxiety before starting the bootcamp back in March. I feel so much more confident in not only the path I'm pursuing but in the tools PathMatch gave me, like how to ask good questions at an information session instead of sitting there scared like everyone else.

Highland Park, IL Highland Park, IL
So grateful

I actually saw an ad for the Boot Camp on Instagram and incessantly asked my mom to sign me up. I am so grateful she finally caved... I seriously learned so much from the start until the end of the program. I feel so much less anxious now and feel so prepared to secure the internship of my dreams :) Thank you, Pathmatch!!

Arlington, VA Arlington, VA
Highly Recommend

As soon as I got to campus as a freshman last year, I knew that I needed career guidance. I went to my school’s career counseling office, and honestly the potential careers we were speaking about didn’t excite me or pay well. As someone who is financially motivated, I know that making $50,000 a year as a researcher won’t cut it. Knowing that I needed to look elsewhere for that career guidance, my mom found PathMatch. And this bootcamp not only helped me choose the right major for me, but gave me direction as to which internships to apply for, what classes to take, and has instilled confidence in me to begin networking for the career I want while I’m in college.