Why is Your Personality Type Relevant?

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In 2018, 22% of employers used personality testing as part of the applicant interviewing process. Here are some reasons why:

  1. To determine if you’re a good fit for their culture. Every company you’re applying to has its own unique workplace culture. Therefore, it’s important for employers to determine if your personality would be a good fit with the overall company culture before hiring you. Ex. If you are the type that needs a structured day-to-day, a startup might not be for you.
  2. To determine if you’re a good fit for a specific role/team. Sometimes employers are looking for a specific attitude or predisposition for certain roles or a type of work. Ex. In sales, candidates must be good at rejection because they’ll likely be making many calls without hearing back. Sales roles also have a quota, so a candidate will likely need to be good under pressure and have a competitive drive.
  3. To determine if your communication style aligns with theirs. Every job requires good communication, but styles definitely differ. Personality assessments can help employers understand how you communicate, handle conflict, and collaborate in a team environment.


Wouldn’t it be better to use personality tests to determine the RIGHT career for you BEFORE you start applying to all these companies instead of leaving it up to fate that the company you apply for happens to align with your personality, among other things?

This is where PathMatch comes in. PathMatch has built an AI-driven algorithm that matches students to career paths that are the best fit for them based on their strengths, interests, personalities, location preferences, preferred culture, etc.

Personality testing can curb time in your job search. How?

  • By helping you determine which company cultures might be the best fit for you
  • By determining what type of role or team environment you’re a good fit for
  • By determining which roles you will excel at based on your communication style

PathMatch offers flexible plans with features such as an in-depth personality and career analysis, one-on-one career coaching, resume and cover letter editing, and customized job & internship matching.

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