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All of the tireless work you put in, from perfecting your resume to applying, to interviewing, had finally paid off - you landed an internship! It was all finally coming to fruition and you were so excited to get started… and then you lost your position due to circumstances out of your control.

You’re probably feeling frustrated, worried, and, frankly, a little angry at the unfairness of it all. You’re also probably wondering, what now?

First things first, don’t panic. It’s easy to let the pressure and devastation get to you, but how you deal and move forward all comes down to your mindset. Take a deep breath and be proud that you were able to get an internship. Even if lost now, it’s an impressive feat that sets you apart from many of your peers.

Once you’re feeling more grounded, start making the most of your newfound free time to explore and act on other ways you can still work on professional development and career advancement.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Keep the door open

An internship lost doesn’t need to be a door closed. Staying connected with the people you met through your interview process can help you heaps in the future. Sending them a considerate, but professional, email and inviting them to connect with you on LinkedIn will let them know you are still open to opportunities and leads.

Update your LinkedIn

Now is a great time to update your LinkedIn to make sure it aligns with your career interests and current skill set. Make sure your profile is mistake-free and up-to-date with all your relevant experience and achievements. Also, don’t forget to list your lost internship! There’s no need to hide your accomplishment from the public. Just add a statement such as “Internship offer accepted. Rescinded due to COVID-19 - Summer 2020”. This will show employers that you took the initiative to find an internship and were skilled enough to land one as well as signify what field of work you are interested in.

Optimize your resume

Did you know over 75% of resumes never even make it to a human? That's because most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems, or automated resume scanners, to filter for the best-matched candidates. While this cuts a lot of time and costs for recruiting teams, it also means good candidates often slip through the cracks just for having the wrong formatting or keywords. Take your newfound free time to optimize your resume and get resume and cover letter editing with our flexible plans today.

Stay in the know to stay in the now

It’s easy to get in a slump, especially while staying at home with not much to do. An easy way to combat this is to schedule time out in your day to stay up to date with what’s going on in your desired career field. There are tons of blogs, podcasts, and other resources out there to keep you well-informed. Coronavirus is bringing about a lot of change in many industries. Staying in the know is a great way to spark conversation with others in the industry as well as give potential employers a glimpse into your passion and drive.

Develop the relationships you’ve already created

Think about who is in your already established network that you can lean on during these times. Whether it be your professors, friends in your field, or former work connections, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for support and assistance. Professors and industry professionals alike love to help students in any way they can, and admire those that speak up. They can often be the missing link to introducing you to another great internship.

Get matched to and prep for a career you’ll love

You may have lost your internship, but there is still much for you to gain in regards to career advancement. We use AI to match our clients to the best modern, in-demand career paths for them based on 100+ variables that determine career success and fulfillment. Then, our career coaches help prep students to land the internship/job of their dreams. Check out how it works.

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