Trying To Drown Out The Noise? Here Are Some Podcasts To Help…

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Tired of drowning in your own thoughts? Sick of listening to the same songs on repeat or listening to your parents yell from the other room? Try a podcast. As always, PathMatch is here to help you be proactive in your education, discover new passions, and stay informed. Here we have for you a list of the best podcasts ranging from overtly political to comedic to true crime.


  1. The Weeds
  2. Talking Feds
  3. Pantsuit Politics
  4. The Brown Girl's Guide To Politics
  5. KCR’s Left, Right & Center
  6. I Spy


  1. Ted Talks Daily
  2. Stuff You Should Know
  3. Science Vs
  4. Every Little Thing
  5. Stuff You Missed In History Class
  6. American Scandal
  7. Code Switch
  8. NPR Life Kit
  9. WSJ Tech News Briefing

Mysterious, Curious and Fantastical

  1. Conspiracy Theories
  2. Cults
  3. Unexplained Mysteries
  4. Making Sense With Sam Harris
  5. Crime Junkie
  6. Crime Scene

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