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Are you contemplating which university to attend? Trying to see where you’ll get the best ROI with your four years in college and degree? Or, maybe you’re curious to see where your college ranks compared to other colleges? Or maybe you want to see how your major compares to other majors when it comes to average starting salaries after graduation? Maybe you’re debating what major you’d like to pursue and want to see how popular it is?

We’ve got all that data for you, and more.

Introducing PathMatch’s College Scorecard Tracker. We’ve pulled data from the Class of 2022 through the US Department of Education and organized it all into an easy to read catalog of scorecards, broken down by colleges and majors.

For example, let’s take Tufts University. At a glance, you can see last year’s graduation rate, average annual cost to attend, and the median earnings a Tufts graduate can expect to earn just after collecting their diploma.

This type of data can help incoming freshmen see how the universities they’re considering stack up to others and determine which school makes the most sense. After all, if you’re spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and four years of your life, shouldn’t you make career-defining decisions with all the available data? 

But the real power of PathMatch’s College Scorecards comes from the granular look at each field of study (major). Scrolling down each college’s page shows you cards with data snapshots that include Median Earnings and the Number of Graduates.

Then, you can click into each card to see more data, including how many graduated with that major in the previous year, the median earnings for that specific field of study, and more.

So if you’re wondering, what the average English major grad can expect to earn right out of Tufts, you’ve got your answer. Not bad! But maybe, that’s lower than you’d like. Time to shop around and see if you’d want to major in something else. Looks like graduating from Tufts with an Economics degree had a median earnings of over $83,000. Hmm…

Of course, a salary isn’t the only consideration when selecting a major. But with student loans growing each and every year, more and more Gen Z students are taking into account these real-world dollar amounts to help inform them of what to expect from their take-home salary when Sallie Mae comes to collect.

At PathMatch, we’re advocates of students being mindful and purposeful of their college choices, from their decision to choose a school, a major, learning key skills, or pursuing internship opportunities. Our College Scorecard Tracker is just another resource to help Gen Z make better decisions, and to not be blindsided with reality after the cap & gown ceremony.

Check out the PathMatch College Scorecards here!

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