How to Get an Internship at Spotify

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From a revolutionary work culture praised industry-wide, to working with famous artists across the globe, Spotify is the dream place to intern for any student who loves music. However, it can be difficult. Thousands of students apply for the various internship opportunities Spotify hosts every year, such as the Global Summer Internship and the Aspiring Marketers Fellowship Program. However, only a few are selected. Adding onto that, only a handful of positions are available at Spotify for entry-level roles, which makes these programs all the more competitive. 

However, that doesn’t mean getting an internship is impossible. By taking some steps to know the company, and the work culture you want to join, you can get a leg-up on the competition. And who knows? With the right skillset, you may not only earn an internship, but a full-time position at Spotify as well!

Let’s dive into how you can potentially get an internship at Spotify.

Build Your Application

Before you send in your application, make sure you know your stuff and are in the process of learning the right tools and skills. Spotify wants the best of the best and to them, it’s not the destination, but the journey. Take classes or programs during your first few years of undergrad to work toward what Spotfiy is exactly looking for. If your dream is to get a job as a UX designer for the company, then pursue courses that highlight those skills such as Virtual Design Theory or Web Prototyping. If you want to become a content marketer for Spotify, then participate in a few volunteer opportunities in the music industry, such as volunteering during festivals or working with artist street teams. The more experiences you have, the more you can build your portfolio. 

Speaking of your portfolio, it is one of the most important factors in your application. One of the first things accepted Spotify Interns have done to apply is to build their portfolio. If the company can’t see your skills, then they would have no reason to accept you over other students. Whether it’s personal projects, school work, or projects done in other internships, showing your skills and experience gives context to your resume. 

Be Creative 

Between all the applicants Spotify gets, the application process can get a bit dreary. If every applicant sends in the same black-and-white Times New Roman resume, then all the names can blur for the recruiters. Your application is your chance to show your uniqueness, as well as your passion for the company. One of the most famous examples is Emily Vu, who went viral for her Spotify-themed resume

Of course, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) customize your resume exactly like hers, but doing something that is creative and grabs attention makes you stand out. For example, if you want to code for Spotify, then make a Spotify themed portfolio website or feature, such as “shuffling” your various projects. This example by Maia Jenkins shows some examples of how you can incorporate Spotify features into your portfolio. 

Network With Staff and Past Interns

Just like with any other internship, networking is one of the key ways to make sure you are up for consideration. Whether it’s through LinkedIn or through your university, chatting with people who already work at the company allows them to put a faceless name to a hardworking and talented student. 

However, there are specific ways to reach out. If you decide to reach out individually, make sure to be respectful. Don’t spam every Spotify employee or intern on LinkedIn. Instead, make genuine connections through industry groups or coffee chats to build a sense of respect and trust. Even if you don’t get an internship, these connections hold a ton of value, and could possibly help you get an entry-level role even after graduation. 

Attend Spotify Events and Camps

Spotify has recruiters in various student career fairs and events to help connect students to Spotify internships and challenges. One of the most famous events is the Opening Act Innovation Challenge, which is hosted remotely and across multiple campuses nationwide. In this challenge, students from various HBCUs and HSIs can attempt to solve a real world Spotify business challenge, and the winners will be selected for a Spotify internship. Events such as these are a fun way to network with Spotify staff, as well as showcase your skills in real time to recruiters. 

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