How to Get an Internship at Riot Games

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If you’re a student who is a fan of League of Legends or Valorant, then you probably already have Riot Games on your radar. As one of the leading American hubs for gaming development, Riot Games hosts multiple university programs and internships to attract emerging student talent. However, it can be almost impossible to get in, with competition so tough that Riot Games went as far as providing study guides from Riot Coaches to help students who want to receive an internship. But, there’s no need to fret! By getting to know the organization and applying with the right application, you’ll already be on your way to an offer. 

Let’s discuss some things you can do to improve your application to get an internship at Riot Games. 

Learn What Riot Games Looks For

If an organization has an entire section on their website dedicated to intern resources, you know that they definitely have some criteria in mind for applicants. Based on the interviews of previous interns, there are some key skills used during the internship, which you should 100% highlight on your resume. 

For example, multiple interns mentioned primarily working with data, whether it was through customer game statistics, data science, or merch orders. This means that data collection and analysis is an important skill that should be the focus of your resume. The same goes for other common skills used at Riot Games, such as multitasking within different departments and teams. Figure out which one of your unique skills matches up with the skills Riot Games is looking for and build your resume based on that. 

Build Your Portfolio and Application 

Riot Games highly emphasizes submitting a portfolio with your application, so much so that they even have portfolio suggestions for what exactly to submit for various roles. Depending on the field that you are currently pursuing, suggestions may differ for what exactly Riot Games want to see. However, there is one important thing in common: they are looking for strong fundamentals that show that you understand the basic concepts. Make sure to highlight technical terms or skills you learned in class while you create your portfolio. You also need to make sure to record everything, from the brainstorming and problem solving, to the final idea, to show that you have a strong understanding of the entire process. 

In order to make your portfolio shine, start your experience early. If your ultimate goal is to work at Riot Games, search for internships or experiences that will help you gain valuable skills. Riot Games usually looks for interns who have previous experience working with video games, even if it isn’t specifically with a big name gaming company. Things such as making your own game, marketing a game for a start-up, or sketching character concept art are all ways to show your relevant skills. Fan content is also a huge plus, so if you’re a fan of League of Legends or Valorant, don’t be afraid to mix your passions and skills to create something new. 

Network With Staff and Interns 

One of the biggest pluses about working at Riot Games is that, compared to other companies in the gaming industry, they are very open to new talent. Between the study guides and very detailed intern interviews, Riot Games is 100% transparent as to what they expect of their interns. As someone who is seeking an internship, this is a huge plus for you.

Unlike trying to network for other internships, you aren’t going in blind. There are tons of intern profiles highlighted on their website, so it becomes easier to reach out on LinkedIn. In these profiles, they also go immensely in-depth about the projects interns do, so when you do reach out to someone, you can ask genuine questions and build a deeper relationship. 

However, don’t just send out messages to anyone you can find. Since you have information on what projects previous interns have done, find a position that you want to apply for and focus on networking with past interns in those programs. This will also help you get a better sense of what role you are trying to look for and what skills are necessary to stand out. 

With Riot Games being a creative company, there are also tons of fun ways to network. From attending a League of Legends World Championship watch party, to visiting the (very cool) Los Angeles campus, the most important thing is to just get your foot in the door. You may not be able to attend every event or connect to every employee, but even making just one or two  meaningful connections can help your application stand out to a great extent. You can also reach out to Riot Games dedicated account for intern content and information

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