How to Get an Internship at Apple

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Arguably one of the most iconic companies in this century, Apple is a dream employment location for any student. With a loyal company culture in the prime tech location of Silicon Valley, Apple internships are high in demand. However, Apple internships can be very competitive. Between the few entry-level roles available and the thousands of worldwide students looking to intern with the company, it can be hard to stand out as an applicant. However, by taking the time to plan out your application in detail, and to learn what the company is looking for, it’s much easier to get some eyes on your profile and get an internship. 

Let’s discuss some things you can do to improve your application to get an internship at Apple. 

Learn What Apple Looks For

With its revolutionary ideas and unique stance on work culture, it’s no surprise that Apple looks for skills that other technology companies may not seek. Compared to other internship programs, Apple interns are more hands-on, working on real projects for the company. As an intern, you are expected to be able to handle projects independently and present your skills in an engaging way. 

Of course, since these projects are bound by NDA’s due to their confidential nature, it can be hard to figure out exactly what on-the-job skills Apple looks for, however there are some consistent tasks every intern must do. For example, presentations and all-day talks are famous for being key aspects of the Apple intern life, so you can highlight skills on your resume such as project leadership or graphic design to show that you are capable enough to join the team, no matter what field you are aiming for. 

Being on top of the leading industry tech is also a huge plus (since you are working for the best of the best) so having hands-on software knowledge, such as experience coding in the latest iOS updates, will be a huge plus on your resume. Having experience in fields such as web and backend development is also important, since working on most Apple products like Siri and iCloud will require these skills. 

Build A Portfolio

With the amount of competition for a single internship role, if you don’t have a place to show your skills, Apple recruiters won’t select you over other candidates. Especially with most of the internships at Apple being tech related, a portfolio is key to getting selected

Since most Apple interns work on very important tasks for the company, it’s unlikely they’ll choose someone with zero experience to join the team. So before you apply, make sure to work on some projects that showcases your specialty, be it in design, coding, marketing, etc. It can be something in school, or a project you did at another internship, but the main thing is that it should showcase you and your skills. It’s also common for most Apple interns to have a few roles under their belt before they join the company, so make sure to start early by applying to other internships if possible. 

Network With Recruiters and Staff

Although it can be daunting to message Apple staff, you need to remember that a lot of them were in the same situation as you when they first started their careers. Of course, don’t be rude about it and don’t expect people to respond (you’re messaging Apple employees, they’re already very busy) but if you’re kind, you can 100% expect to get kindness back. Making these genuine connections will not only help you build a relationship with recruiters, but you can also learn what Apple looks for through a first hand account, which is a very valuable tool to customize your resume for the role you seek.

If you can, get involved on campus and see if any of your professors need a helping hand with research. Not only will this help get very relevant experience on your resume, it can also help open doors through networking and give you the skills needed to ace the intern interview process. However, if you can’t do that, don’t worry. Reach out on LinkedIn or find some alumni at your school who now work for Apple. Even if you just politely request a short coffee chat, you would be surprised to find how many people would be more than happy to share their experiences! 

Get Your Foot In The Door

Unlike what most people think, Apple internships aren’t just a one-and-done deal. There are a variety of internships and programs to help start your career at Apple. Especially with a lot of the more famous programs having thousands of applicants, using more non-traditional methods can help you stand out as a possible trainee. 

For example, Apple has multiple college programs, such as Apple Campus Leader and Apple College Support Programs that you can work in while you are still a student. Both programs serve as a way to have a part time job that accommodates your class schedule, while also building your connections and network in the company. 

Having an Apple role on your resume before you even start an internship shows your dedication to the company, and is a huge attraction to any recruiter looking at your resume. They’re much more likely to select someone who has experience with the company leadership and work ethic, rather than a student who is going in blind. These programs can also allow you to move up to official positions in the company, even if you may not be able to get one of the very competitive internships. 

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