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When we say that companies are currently in a “hiring race,” we mean it. There is a huge skills gap issue that the US and most developed countries are facing in the coming years, with millions of job openings that hiring managers are, and will be, struggling to fill. In fact, 43% of executives and managers are seeing the skills gap as a problem right now. Businesses are racing to hire employees like never before.

Compounding the hiring problem is trying to court a new generation of workers that are just arriving on the scene: Gen Z. These young professionals are coming out of college with different perspectives, different values, and a different tolerance to the legacy hiring practices that companies have been running with for years now. Yes, even if you’ve just figured out how to hire Millennials, your company will have to already pivot to hiring the next generation that has an impossible one-second attention span.

For Gen Z, it’s all about immediacy. They have lower tolerance for slow-loading media and websites, and their loathing of inefficient technology also translates to the hiring process. A recent survey by Bullhorn showed that an overwhelming 85% of Gen Z agreed that “the entire job search and placement process is outdated,” with speed of hiring being essentially the top reason they abandon a job application.

So how can your business address your slow hiring problem?

PathMatch Helps You Hire Gen Z Faster with ATS Integrations

PathMatch addresses both issues: finding the best Gen Z hires for your business, even before they officially hit the job market at large; and also helping your business hire faster by providing the features and tools you need to shorten the application and interview processes.

One key feature is PathMatch’s integration with over 50 of the top Application Tracking Systems (ATS) on the market today.

We simplify your hiring process by matching you to the right candidate profiles that then get ported into your ATS of choice. Students create their PathMatch profiles which contain the data that companies need to push over to their ATS for tracking purposes. When companies post jobs on PathMatch, students can apply with 1-click because our software pushes the applicant data right into your ATS.

This way, students no longer have to spend time filling out the same information for each company they apply to, which has been shown to cause applicants to give up right in the middle of the application process due to frustration. Avoiding this, businesses get overall better applicants as well as capture more applicants in general. Meanwhile, students experience a streamlined application process that increases completion rates for the businesses that are right for them.

On PathMatch, recruiters can push all applicants and sourced candidates directly over to their ATS with a single click. This makes for a seamless experience of matching, reviewing resumes and video profiles, and setting up interviews. This can ultimately save businesses days, even weeks, in the hiring process; while also bringing more qualified applicants to your inbox.

PathMatch is a new, modern way to connect with Gen Z in their early career. And when research shows that 54% of Gen Z won’t submit to jobs that use overly complicated or overly old-school hiring practices, your business risks being left behind as young employees look to join modern business with contemporary hiring practices.

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