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This fall many colleges plan to reopen in some form or another, but college won’t be the same as it was in the past. Since March, the world has been in a pandemic and in lockdown so, for many, this will be the first “normal” thing they will be doing. Not every part of the country is going through the same phase or stage of the crisis, so policies are going to be different across the nation. What is certain is that students are going to be traveling across the nation for the fall semester in some capacity or another.

Campuses may be welcoming students, but this does not mean Covid-19 is gone. Your number one priority should be keeping yourself safe and aware of what’s happening around your community, so we’ve put together ways to find your new normal on campus.

Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy

Keep in tune with your own health
You know your body best, so keep track of how you’re feeling. If one day you wake up not being able to smell or if going upstairs takes more out of you, that’s a sign, don’t just ignore it. Fun tip: Get a thermometer and take your temperature each day. While you can be asymptomatic, it’s still good to monitor yourself in case.

Prepare to be doing things outside for a while
Current research shows that being outside with masks is a much safer way to do just about everything, so this will be a new norm. If you want to see somebody, the best way may be to meet them out at the park and stay apart while hanging out. It’s also a great way to change up your scenery without putting yourself or someone else at risk. Some schools are also bringing their classes outside, so be ready to be outdoors as long as weather permits.

Follow your school’s emails closely
No one has the answer in dealing with coronavirus. This is all new to us. So every school has its own Covid-19 policy. Whether you’re in person, online, or some hybrid of the two, things could change on a moment’s notice. Be ready and adaptable for that. Campuses also might be offering resources to help you adjust, so you should definitely go through your school’s website.

Build a Routine for Yourself

Keeping active keeps you sane
Just because the gym’s closed doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Even going for a walk each day will help you clear your head. There are also so many at-home workouts you can try from just YouTube that will keep your mind off COVID-19. Try challenging some of your friends to do workouts together on Zoom, it’s a fun way to keep together and stay accountable.

Don’t forget about self-care
What’s your favorite way to unwind? A nice home-cooked meal with a movie? Reading in the bathtub? Doing your 10-step facial routine? Whatever you do make sure to set aside time for yourself. Working or studying at home blurs the lines for many people between work and personal life, so it can be hard to really settle down and stop working. At least once a week set a “date” with yourself and do something unplugged. Whether it's making a face mask or just getting takeout from your favorite place, treat yourself.

What have you been putting off?
Everyone has something they’ve been thinking about doing. For me, I’ve been wanting to write a book for years and never sat down to do it. With quarantine, most of us now all have a little more time to actually do what we’ve been thinking about. Many of my friends have taken this opportunity to start painting and one is even trying out claymation. Think about something you want to learn and then look it up. I promise you there are so many amazing resources out there to learn just about everything online and there hasn’t been a better time to get started.

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