Fashion Help Anonymous: Non-Binary Work-From-Home Edition

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By Lexie Brada

Welcome back to WFHFA - ‘Work From Home Fashion Anonymous’, or a place to get some new ideas for comfy clothes that you feel good working in but also don’t make you come off as a slob.

Of course, important disclaimer, make sure you’re following your work’s specific dress code if there is one!

This edit will be all about non-binary clothes. While I absolutely could have surfed websites like Express, Forever 21, Amazon, H&M, or other fashion retailers that do specifically gendered pieces and picked out the most androgynous from each side, I didn’t feel like that would be the right path for this article.

So, not only will this blog post give you some great ideas of what to wear if you tend to walk the line of fashion styles, but it will also send you to websites where the clothing is meant to be androgynous! As a bonus, a lot of these companies are practicing green fashion trends, meaning that their pieces are made from recycled materials, sustainably produced, or use natural fibers!

The Non-Binary Edit

Knit Polo

If you’re looking for a good androgynous knit polo, which looks professional but I’m sure feels extremely comfortable, and you want to support an awesome non-binary clothing brand, this would be a great choice!

Via Olderbrother

You can snag this right here for $325. I know the price might seem a bit steep, but when you read how they naturally dye this polo (they use pollen, wood, and nut extracts-insane!), it doesn’t seem like they’re charging enough! We love this androgynous brand and their sustainability efforts!

Crew-Neck Sweater

When I saw this crew-neck easy-going sweater, I gasped. Of course, there are other sweaters in more plain tones, but this color and pattern would look stunning on anyone; male, female, or non-binary! It also looks incredibly comfortable, which is exactly the vibe for remote clothes.

Via Kirrin Finch

And think of all the ways you can pair it! Under a blazer, over a button-up, with a pair of joggers, with a pair of slacks…endless ways to dress up or dress down this burgundy beauty. This suave sweater could be yours for $110 if you click on this link here!


When it comes to choosing what you want to wear remotely, making sure that you don’t have to think too hard is always part of it. I, myself, have grown to be a huge lover of jumpsuits. Whenever I want to look well-dressed but don’t want to have to stand in front of my closet for hours, jumpsuit it is.

The reason I love this option is because from the waist-up on a camera, it would look like you’re wearing a respectable button-up. However, you don’t have to worry about what would go well with the top because it’s already attached to the bottom! So, here’s my pick for a super retro jumpsuit.


Via Big Bud Press

This jumpsuit comes in a whole variety of colors and also really awesome patterns, but this emerald green one drew me in right away. As I’ve said before, these blogs are dangerous for the health of my bank account, because I’m thinking that snagging this for $190 here. As it’s all-American, all hand-dyed, all natural fibers, the price seems totally reasonable.

Twill Pants

If you’re interested in wearing something more than just sweatpants every single day (or no pants), twill pants are a great in-between! They’re breezy, not totally form-fitted, and sometimes I feel like I’m wearing lounge-wear.

Via Ijji

This pair here is a non-gendered pair of tie-waist twill pants that comes in four different colors. I personally am drooling over this velvety midnight blue shade, but there are olive, beige, and black options if dark jewel tones are not to your liking. They’re $195 and you can buy them right over here!

Chambray Button-Up

If you like a bit of western-flair, but maybe going full Canadian-Tuxedo wouldn’t look that good over Zoom definition cameras, let me introduce, Chambray! It’s a light-weight denim-looking fabric that allows you to still feel like you’re wearing denim but be a bit more comfortable. And, since we already know that jeans as bottoms go with nearly everything, the same is true of a chambray top. Whatever you’re wearing for pants, chances are it will look balanced.

Via Lonelykidsclub

You certainly can just get a regular-old chambray button-up and call it a day, but why would you do that when you could be the proud owner of the funniest pocket-graphic I’ve ever seen? And, not saying that any of you are slackers, and maybe it’s just me, but this speaks to me on a spiritual level. If you can’t read it, it’s a sloth with the saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

If you want this iconic shirt, you can buy it for $65 right here!

Painted Jacket

This jacket right here is one of the hundreds of super-awesome pieces you could own! The thing is, though, that all of these are one of a kind, so this specific piece may be gone by the time you see this article. However, the creativity and uniqueness of their upcycling and creations deserve a serious look-through. Some of their pieces are a bit spicy, to say the least, and maybe NSFW, but if you’re looking for a way to proudly show your non-binary heart or some clever shirt sayings, this brand is it!


Via Official Rebrand

This one-of-a-kind jacket is for sale for $190 here! I would highly suggest looking through the rest of their wares and checking back if nothing is catching your eye right now, because you never know what they’ll upload next!

A Good Pair of Sweatpants

If you’re working remotely, chances are no one but your cat is going to see them, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still have a pair of sweatpants that are insanely comfortable and a little bit more recent than your varsity high school track pants.

While what a ‘good’ pair of sweatpants is may vary from person to person, I personally love this pair of fuzzy ones!

Via PacSun

This brand is called Essentials: Fear of God, and is sold through PacSun. You can also buy the co-ord sweatshirt top with this one. Maybe it’s just me, because I live in a state that’s cold and wintery nine months out of the year, but these fuzzy sweatpants seem like the perfect pair to purchase. You can buy them here for $130!

A Nice Blazer

I said it in my feminine edit, I’ll say it here, and I’ll say it again in my masculine edit; you should splurge on a good blazer that you’ll (hopefully) keep all your life.

I certainly know that a lot of these choices are maybe toeing the budget line, but well-made clothes are a better investment than fast-fashion and supporting non-binary focused brands seems like the right choice for this article. However, a good blazer probably will make your wallet hurt a bit, but you want something that’s well-made and will look good through years of important meetings or job interviews, right?

Via Jacq

If you’re looking for something a bit different than plain black, this dark charcoal gray will still pair well with many of your shirts and pants and gives a little something different. This blazer jacket can be bought here for $380.

A Solid Button-Up

Now, when I say a solid button-up, as in a non-patterned shirt, I don’t mean it literally, though I could! If you’re someone that likes solids, there are plenty of great short-sleeve button-ups that look like you put a bit more thought into your outfit, but are an easy-breezy morning choice. I personally love patterned ones, though we’ve evolved past the Hawaiian shirts you may recall your grandpa wearing on vacation.

Via Wildfang

I was drawn immediately to this super-cool leaf printed one, but there are 14 different patterns on this site if this one isn't to your fancy. They are all patterned, but some are more neutral than others. You can buy this shirt here for $84!


When I stumbled upon these non-binary sliders in super fun colors, I have no doubt that they’re just as comfortable and easier to slip on and off as Allbirds I’ve previously owned have come to be. The great thing is they can double as basic house-shoes, or you can throw them on if you need to run to a grocery store between meetings super quickly. They’re also made from sugarcane, which is pretty sweet if you ask me!

Via Allbirds

They’re called the Sugar Sliders and come in five different colors. The size map gives you choices in both men and women’s sizing. They’re currently only $50, which is sort of a steal compared to the rest of this list, and you can buy them here!

Blue Light Glasses

I’m going to take a guess. If you’re working remotely, you likely spend a lot of time staring at a screen. Even if you’re really careful and take a lot of breaks where you aren’t interacting with technology, that starts to really wear on the eyes.

I was having screen-related headaches when I made the switch and was recommended these by a friend! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel the difference. You may not physically see it, but if you have a lot of headaches lately, try putting these on for a week and see if they help!

Via Pixel

Pixel has a lot of really great unisex choices! I think this retro pair is so awesome! You can buy it for $85 right here!

Need an affordable prescription pair that blocks out the light? Try EyeBuyDirect.


Lastly, if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing under your clothes, you could have the comfiest and most stylish shirt and pants set on and it wouldn’t matter. Getting the right undergarments that make you feel comfortable is entirely important.

If you’re in search of some awesome non-binary undergarment companies, here are two I’d check out.

Origami Customs, as its name suggests, makes custom undergarments so that you can be sure it will fit you perfectly. Specifically, they have a lot of really great binders/compressive tank-tops. The turn-around time is about 4-6 weeks, but people seem to really love their items! Or, you can choose from a standard set of sizes.

Via OrigamiCustoms

There are lots of different colors and prints to make sure that you feel utterly comfortable. You can buy it for 80 CAD (or about $62) here!

The other non-binary undergarment company I really enjoyed scrolling through is called Tomboy. Their biggest sellers are they have a lot of available top and bottoms sets, with a ton of different cut options, meaning you can mix and match what you feel the most comfortable wearing on top and bottom.

I was one of those little girls that loved dinosaurs, but was depressed that the boy’s section had all the cool dino prints, but Tomboy knows this. They know that loving dinosaurs is something that any gender can appreciate.

Via Tomboy

There are tons of cool combos to be made on this website, so take some time to surf their options! Their size chart is gender-incluvise, and their figure is drawn to look non-binary, which I absolutely love! This particular pair of boxer shorts can be bought here for $29!


Be sure to come back to check out our last installment of this series, the WFH: Masculine Edit! If you want to check out the Feminine Edit, follow the link right here!

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