Fashion Help Anonymous: Masculine Work-From-Home Edition

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By Lexie Brada

Welcome to our final catalog of WFHFA - ‘Work From Home Fashion Anonymous’, or a place to get some new ideas for comfy clothes that you feel good working in but also don’t make you come off as a slob.

Of course, important disclaimer, make sure you’re following your work’s specific dress code if there is one!

Men, this one's for you. I know that masculine fashion can be a lot different than the seemingly endless choices for women, so a lot of guys I grew up with didn't even know where to start when it came to ‘looking fashionable’. No fear though, I’ve assembled some great brands where even if my choices aren’t your style, other items in their catalog may be.

The Masculine Edit

Blue Light Glasses

I’m going to take a guess. If you’re working remotely, you likely spend a lot of time staring at a screen. Even if you’re really careful and take a lot of breaks where you aren’t interacting with technology, that starts to really wear on the eyes.

I was having screen-related headaches when I made the switch and was recommended these by a friend! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel the difference. You may not physically see it, but if you have a lot of headaches lately, try putting these on for a week and see if they help!

Via Banana Republic

This retro pair from Banana Republic will do the trick while saving a few bucks. You can get them for pretty cheap, and the cheap ones work fine, but I found that some of my more expensive pairs hold up a bit better. You can buy this pair for $19.99 on sale right now at Banana Republic!

Need an affordable prescription pair that blocks out the light? Try EyeBuyDirect.

Crewneck Sweatshirt

Time to retire that stained college pullover for just casual nights, especially if you are going to be seen on a zoom call. While it might be tempting because it’s just so comfortable, there are plenty of equally as comfy options out there for you!

Why not get the best of both worlds with a crewneck sweatshirt? It’s amazing how an act so simple as to remove a hood makes anyone go from someone who just rolled out of bed to someone that, at least on paper, has their life together.

Via UpWest

This brand here has a super soft and very clean looking one that I think would look snappy over any video call! There are currently four different color options, but I’m digging this russet earthy red/brown color. I think it’s unique enough that it’s unlikely you have anything else in this color, but still will look good on any skin tone, as well as look good on camera. You can buy it here for $48!

Co-Ord Set

If you’ve seen the other two articles in this series, you know what I’m going to say is always zero-effort and makes you look like you really thought about your outfit without actually giving any thought; coordinating sets.

For men, though, that usually means tracksuits. I do think it can go wrong more easily for men, though. My significant other and I have had this discussion many times that he looks like a Russian Gangster when wearing his white/black Adidas sweatsuit. If that’s the vibe you want to go for, though, all power to you!

After comparing many pictures and listings of co-ord sets, I think I’ve figured out the trick; try to stay away from completely zip-up jackets. If you want to do a half-zip, totally fine, but for some reason (at least to me), whenever you edge into full-zip, it looks a bit off.

Luckily, matching sweatshirts and sweatpants look awesome! Especially in neutral tones, something that’s not going to distract your boss when you’re talking about weekly finance goals.


I really am digging this neutral beige toned one. Not entirely sure, but I even think you could buy the hat if you really wanted to seal the entire deal. Look how clean it looks! Look how effortless it seems you are! You’ll look like a celebrity that was caught off-duty buying orange juice! You can buy both pieces for $71 right here!


If you already have a lot of sweatshirts or crewnecks, maybe you’re just in market for some good bottoms. This is the first choice of a few on this list, but I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a good pair of joggers. Perhaps it’s just the style of the times, but the slightly cuffed ankle looks just a tad bit better than the wide leg.

The type of jogger you prefer is really up to personal preference, but here’s two below, depending on how much you like feeling the fabric brush up against your leg.

Via Gymshark

If you like a more fitted pair, these joggers from Gymshark have great reviews and come in three different colors. You can buy them for $34 by clicking this link.

Via H&M

However, if you’re into a more relaxed and baggy fit, this pair from H&M (which does have the corresponding sweatshirts if you do like these color choices) comes in five colors; some unique, some expected, and you can buy them for $25 right here!

Henley Shirts

If we’re updating our wardrobes, a good t-shirt is key. Something that’s not quite a graphic tee but also not as formal as a starched button-up is a henley shirt! You may have worn one underneath a sweater before. I know that my mom makes my brothers wear one underneath their Christmas Sweaters for our family picture each year just because it looks a bit nicer than a simple cotton tee.

They often come in long-sleeve format, though if you live somewhere super warm, you can find them short-sleeved too.

Via J.Crew

This one here comes in four different colors and also gives you sizing for normal and tall, in case you’re an above-average height and need a bit more fabric. You can snag it for $45 here!


Do you know what else my mother will usually buy for my brothers and father for holidays when they need to look presentable? A lot of times, it’s A Good Cardigan. Yes, that deserves to be capitalized like that. Will you look like a professor? Maybe, but hey, is that a bad thing?

A cardigan, especially a collared one, is a great choice to keep in your closet, because if you forgot about a meeting or get a surprise Zoom call and look less than presentable, you can throw one of these bad boys on and no one will notice that tee you’re wearing from 2010.

Via Brooks Brothers

I like this navy blue shade because it’s a color that goes with a lot of outfits, though there are plenty of other colors out there. I also just think cardigans are so comfortable and easy to wear. This one is on sale right now for $88 right here!

Cashmere Sweater

I was maybe 23 years old when I got my first true cashmere piece of clothing, via a thrift-store. It was a sweater that wasn’t even my size, but heck, it was the softest most luvdiurous thing I’ve ever owned.

I think a lot of people think Cashmere is super expensive. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. However, spending a few extra bucks on a cashmere sweater is worth it. Just take my word for it.

Not only does the overall look of it look really nice, but it’s so soft, and you’ll wonder why you ever suffered through a slightly scratchy sweater again.

Via Everlane

Did you know that Cashmere is specifically blended to trap warmth, like a polar bear? If you live anywhere remotely cold, or somewhere VERY cold like I do, you’ll be very glad to have this in your closet. It also can be a great layering piece, under a blazer or over a button-down shirt. You can buy it for $140 right here!


When it comes to things to wear, it’s once again up to personal preference whether you like a firm or hard bottom on your shoes. I tend to be a hard-bottom person, but if you like traditional slippers, go all in!

Via Allbirds

If you’re a soft-bottom shoe type of guy, Allbirds are some of my favorite shoes and they have men’s slippers that look equally as comfortable as every other footwear they do. If you’re thinking that slipper looks nice and fuzzy, you can buy it here for $65!

Via L.L. Bean

However, if you’re a hard-bottom indoor-shoe type, you can’t ever go wrong with a good pair of fur-lined moccasins. I put the traditional color here, but L.L. Bean has six different color variations you could choose from. You can buy a pair here for $79.


If we’re talking footwear, we should also probably talk about socks. Not the socks that have holes in them. I’ve heard more than one man say that the holes give extra grip, and yes, I know that your employer technically can’t see you wearing old socks, but I promise you, you’ll feel so much better in new socks. Preferably socks that hold up a bit better.

Via Bombas

This marled pack of four socks is a fantastic pair for any cold feet you may end up having! They’re extra long so you stay warm and toasty and boost your circulation. You can buy a multi-shade pack like this or there are a few one-color options if you like your sock drawer to be the same colors. What’s great about these socks is that with every pair you buy, a pair is donated to someone in need. You can buy a four pack of these socks here for $50!

Drawstring Trousers

Let’s say that sweatpants are starting to tire on you and you just want to wear something with a bit more je-ne-sai-pas, but you’re not ready to commit back to khaki slacks or even squeezing yourself into jeans. Drawstring twill trousers are your best of both worlds! Twill is very breathable so it doesn’t feel constricting to your body at all. When you pair it with a drawstring, it makes it a bit more casual and you don’t have to worry about fishing a belt from the back of your closet.

Via Pacsun

This mauve color is calling your name! You can totally dress this up to look a bit more professional with a button-down shirt, or you can stay more casual by pairing it with a sweatshirt or sweater over top. Either way, I promise you you’ll find these types of pants to be some of your new favorites. You can buy this specific pair here for $35!

Hiking Pants

I know you must be confused. This isn’t a ‘what to wear outside’ but more specifically a ‘what to wear inside’ blog.

Let me explain; I have a boyfriend who wouldn’t consider himself a fancy dresser. He rotates the same couple pairs of jeans and shirts and that’s totally fine with me. However, we were going on a fancy cruise where he was asked to wear pants other than jeans. After trying on a few pairs of slacks and khakis and just bemoaning the fact that he knew he’d buy these and never wear them again, my mother suggested hiking pants.

If you don’t go for a fabric that looks like someone repurposed a wind-breaker, hiking pants often can look really classy. More than that, they’re comfortable. And pockets. Pockets for any gender are always a plus, and hiking pants have jackets galore.

My boyfriend was skeptical at first, but now the pair I got him are his favorite pants he owns. I couldn’t find the exact pair since it was a bit ago that this whole thing went down, but here’s a pair that I think has a lot of similarities.

Via Target

This pair of Wranglers are innocuous enough that, unless someone is focusing really hard on your pants, they probably could never even tell it’s meant to be used as an outdoor adventure pants. But you’ll know because you’ll be supremely comfortable all day long. You can buy a pair of these at Target through this link for $30!

Button-Down Shirt

With how many times I’ve mentioned my brother in this article, I feel like he should be getting royalties. I’m going to mention him one more time, though.

If you know you have a meeting coming up, something that you should look semi-professional for, there are many options on this list to make sure that you make a good impression. I’ll give you one more semi-casual one; a short-sleeved button-down shirt.

My brother has a few that whenever he knows he’s going to be on camera, he’ll throw on. They’re also great for summer events. You can choose how wild you want your print to be, or even what fabric you want it to be made out of (Target recently had some that felt almost like t-shirts).

Via Macy’s

I personally like these ones from Macy’s that draw from retro floral designs. The fittedness makes it a little better than your grandfather’s Hawiaan shirt he whips out every summer, right? If this shirt floats your boat, snag it here for $30!

Blazer or Suit Jacket

You know your own budget and know what sorts of things are reasonable to be dropping money on. But the one thing that you should always pay a bit extra for, always go that extra mile with? A blazer. A cheap blazer is easy to spot, and chances are you’ll need it a few times throughout your life, and you’ll be happy it’s there waiting.

If you can really spare some extra change, go for a Suit Jacket and a matching pair of trousers. As a guy, if you’re done growing, you’ll be able to wear that one item to every and any formal event that ever pops up. The hardest thing you’ll have to worry about is what tie to match it with.

If you’re not looking for a full ensemble, though, a well-fitted blazer is still a great choice.

Via Express

If you’re a more slim-fit guy, Express is your place to go for blazers and suits that really accentuate all the places you want it to. I like this option because it also functions as a jacket rather than solely a blazer, meaning it can be multi-purposed. This blazer is $198 and you can buy it here!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the last part of this WFH Fashion Edit.

If you missed the other two, you can read the Feminine Edit HERE and the Non-Binary edit HERE!

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