Fashion Help Anonymous: Feminine Work-From-Home Edition

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By Lexie Brada

Hey you!

I don’t mean to call you out or anything, but are you working remotely? And if you are, do you usually sport the mullet-wardrobe: business on the top (to look nice for meetings) and that pair of sweatpants you’ve had since senior year of high school on the bottom?

Or have you progressed beyond that? Are you at the point where your boss is spending half of the Zoom call wondering if you’re just wearing pajamas?

If either of these are you…you’re not alone. It’s okay.

There’s nothing wrong with either of these methods, just like there’s nothing wrong with continuing to wear your business clothes even if you are working from home. You paid good money for those things, right? I get that you might not be so quick to get rid of them.

If you’re reading this, though, you have admitted that there is maybe a better in between. Or, at least, something that’s not what you wore to bed last night, but also isn’t that sort of itchy blazer that you paid $200 for and are too proud to admit you might have overspent on.

If so, welcome to WFHFA - ‘Work From Home Fashion Anonymous’, or a place to get some new ideas for comfy clothes that you feel good working in but also don’t make you come off as a slob.

Of course, important disclaimer, make sure you’re following your work’s specific dress code if there is one!

The Feminine Edition

The WorkRobe

You might roll your eyes when I tell you I found this on Tiktok, but I think it’s just ingenious. The ‘WorkRobe’ is made from comfortable material, and its biggest draw is that it looks like a button-down from the waist up; meaning that you can still look professional on camera without sacrificing your comfort.

Via WorkRobe

You can buy the ‘Button Down Robe’ on WorkRobe’s website for $89!


A good pair of yoga leggings is a MUST for those days when you feel like wearing pants, but not really wearing pants.

Now, I’ll admit, I know there are plenty of expensive but very soft leggings out there that you all may go to bat for. But your author here is a bit cheap and the only way she’s wearing a pair of Lululemons is second-hand or after a huge increase in pay.

If you’re a girlie with cash, feel free to buy whatever leggings you love. But if you’re scraping by, I cannot recommend the Colorfulkoala leggings enough!

Via colorfulkoala

The picture I have linked above is my favorite shade, though there are hundreds of colors and styles to pick from. Whatever aesthetic you prefer, you’ll find a pair that matches. They’re super-soft, have great support in the waist, and won’t break the bank.

You can snag this pair for only $23!

Blue Light Glasses

I’m going to take a guess. If you’re working remotely, you likely spend a lot of time staring at a screen. Even if you’re really careful and take a lot of breaks where you aren’t interacting with technology, that starts to really wear on the eyes.

I was having screen-related headaches when I made the switch and was recommended these by a friend! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel the difference. You may not physically see it, but if you have a lot of headaches lately, try putting these on for a week and see if they help!

Via Irish&Romeo

This retro pair here in this electric bright pink shade is so trendy and adorable, I couldn’t help but snatch them up! I’ve seen blue light blocking glasses as low as $9 at Walmart, but paying $28 and protecting your sight seemed worth it to me. Iris&Romeo claims that these glasses block out 99% off blue light. I can attest that they’re doing something, and your retinas will thank you!

Need an affordable prescription pair that blocks out the light? Try EyeBuyDirect.

Comfortable Jeans

I hear your groans. And you’re all thinking, ‘Look, we moved remote for a reason! To wear sweatpants all day!’ and I hear you. But sometimes sweatpants don’t cut it. Am I saying to go the other way and wear your dress slacks? No! But a good, and most importantly comfortable, pair of jeans can go a long way.

It’ll be different for everyone. What you prefer in jeans may not be what I prefer in jeans. For me, when it comes to comfort, if it’s stretchy and high-waisted, I’m happy. I know that the ‘cool kids’ will say that my millennial skinny-jeans are ‘out’ (you can pry those from my cold, dead hands), so here’s a bit more of a in-style favorite that’s been my comfortable go-to lately.

Via American Eagle Outfitters

I am a through-and-through thrift-store girl, but I did splurge when I saw these. I have been loving the 70s fashion revival of late, and while boot-cut isn’t my style, true flare jeans certainly are. I think my other jeans are jealous because I wear them so often.They hardly feel like jeans at all!

If you’re interested, they’re actually on sale right now at American Eagle for $35!


Did anyone else give a huge sigh of relief when they could put all their heels towards the back of their closet?

I’m going to bet you’re probably not wearing dress shoes on remote Zoom calls. You might not even be wearing a casual pair of flats. Maybe you’re going bare foot, loving the freedom of the air between your toes.

If not, I would like to offer two ideas for how you can complete your look head to toe.

The first thing to invest in (and it’s not much) is a good pair of thick socks!

Via L.L.Bean

In this listing here, you can get two pairs of Merino Woolen socks for $34! You may think I’m crazy for paying close to $15 per sock, but they are seriously so comfortable, and well made items like this, items you might be wearing daily, will save you money in the long run because they’re made to last.

If you’re not a sock person and just really like the firmness of something on the bottom of your heel, maybe a pair of house slippers are more your style?

Via nap

If you heard me say ‘slipper’ and immediately had flashbacks to your grandmother’s embroidered and vintage looking pair that she kept next to her bed that always faintly smelled of mothballs, think again! This fuzzy and colorful pair of slippers will keep your feet warm but also give you the comfort of feeling like you’re wearing shoes. You can grab them at Nap Lounge Wear for $55.

Lounge Sets

One of my sisters is the definition of fashion. She lives in California, so not only is she able to figure out the trends quicker than I do in Wisconsin, but she has a sense of style that is always in with the current vibe. And it’s so effortless. When I asked her what her biggest secret was, she told me she loves sets.

“It’s low effort. You know what you’re going to wear with it, and everyone thinks it looks super clean.”

With that logic, lounge sets are a great way to feel like you’re looking put-together while giving basically zero effort.

In particular, Nastygal has a whole section devoted to co-ord lounge sets!

Via NastyGal

I’m a lover of all things cats, big or small, so you’d better bet this went straight into my cart as soon as I found it while researching this blog. I also love the notched collar; it gives just a bit of interest and a little more professionalism than just a basic sweatshirt if you do have to hop on a quick meeting.

You can grab the Tiger Knitted Collar Sweater Set from Nastygal for $47 as of now!


Now, absolutely no shade to your favorite sweatshirt. I have one featuring a Hodag (not sure what that is, check out Wisconsin’s awesome cryptid here) that I think I practically live in sometimes.

But we’re here to elevate our comfortable style, and wearing a pilling sweatshirt from college with a weird mythical creature on it is kitschy but not the most professional.

Something that is a bit of an elevation from the usual pullover is this waffle-knit quarter zip top, and it’s in such a calming color too!

Via Aerie

Think of how nice you’ll look on a Zoom call in this palm-colored pullover! You can grab it on sale at Aerie for $41 right now!


Yes, yes. While you can absolutely throw away most of your former office-wear (assuming your company’s dress code allows this) and bask in the glorious feeling of being remote and wearing all those comfortable pieces that usually only see daylight on the weekend, a blazer is still a must-have.

Not only has the current fashion made it a staple in any closet, as there are so many ways you can dress a blazer up or down, but you should still have at least one formal and professional item to pull out for super-important meetings or job interviews. If we’re only picking one, a blazer is my choice.

I recommend a black one, as black will never go out of style and can be matched with so many different tops, but you know what color will work best for you.

Via Athleta

I have heard wonderful things about this black blazer from Athleta, and for good reason! Athleta is a popular athletic-wear company, so they know how to make things comfortable for all types of movement. This black one is currently being sold for $119, but there’s a sage-green option for $49. If you’re rehauling your whole wardrobe, $100 may seem a bit overpriced, but a good, well-fitting blazer is worth every penny.

Button-Up Shirt

I used to be obsessed with button-up shirts. I was a weird kid in middle school, what can I say? I went through a phase where I avoided them like the plague, but I’ve come back around and a button-up shirt is a must-have in my closet! I’m not talking about those shirts that you have to press and iron and still sort-of feel like sandpaper. Instead, I’m recommending a soft, comfortable button-up.

Not only will it look super professional on camera, but in hot summer months when all you want to do is wear a thin tank top, it can be easily thrown over your shoulders in case you have to look a bit more covered up, without overheating yourself.

Via Everlane

This button-down comes in a beige/white stripe combo, and all the reviews rave about how breathable and soft it is! You can snag this on sale for $44 at Everlane today!

Knit Trousers

Glamour recently called these ‘fancy sweatpants’ and…yeah, they’re not wrong, which is exactly why they deserve a spot on this list! Remember, say it with me, we’re elevating your usual look. These are just sweatpants…but they’re nice-looking sweatpants.

The style, cut, shade, length, or waist-height is entirely up to you! You can often also find these in sets, making you look effortlessly chic on the days when your brain just can’t match outfits.

Via H&M

I personally really love these Linen Knit Pants from H&M. I actually think that H&M has a ton of very cute and very good neutral pieces, meaning that they can easily be swapped/worn with a ton of different tops and sweaters. You can buy this pair for $59.

Basic Sets

The last thing I would implore you to invest in are a bunch of basics; things that can be mixed or matched with any of the above, meaning that you can always find something to wear that doesn’t make it look like you got dressed in the dark. In particular, a good quality set of bralettes, tank tops or simple tees, andathletic shorts will round out the last bits of your wardrobe and make you ready for anything from hyper-focused work times on your couch to long meetings over Zoom! Here are my picks for these below:

Via Free People

The Baseline Bralette 3-Pack Bundle from Free People for $50 in three different color combinations.

Via Happynation

These layering ribbed tank tops from Happy Nation are going for just $10 right now and have five different colors, so you can stock up on easy pieces to put on under a cardigan or button-up shirt.

Via happynation

Finally, we come to these bundled bike shorts. I’m tempted to snag the tie-dye set, but if you’re looking for pieces that go with many things, this black and gray pair might be your best bet. You can grab them at Happy Nation for $25!


Be on the lookout for our Masculine and Non-Binary WFH Fashion Picks!

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