Episode 2: The Power of Networking

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In our second episode of How They Got There!, we spoke with Samantha Patil about her experience with getting a job after graduation and her journey through Digital Marketing. Samantha is the CEO of Well Traveled Club and former Snapchat, Dollar Shave Club, and Pandora Marketing Manager. 

Did you know that 50% of college grads end up unemployed for almost a year? Samantha Patil was one of them. After graduation, she didn’t have a job lined up. Thankfully, she learned the importance of networking and building connections with others. “I'm such a big proponent of putting time and effort into your relationships and cultivating a really strong network.” It was through both conversations and recommendations that Samantha got an interview, and ultimately landed her first job after graduation.

Throughout her experiences working for Pandora, Snapchat, and Dollar Shave Club, Samantha was able to see just how important networking was. Not only is it crucial to finding a job, but also inside the workplace. “When you're looking for new jobs, people have to form a connection with you and get to know you. So I think being able to build connections with people and maintain those connections is really important.” Managing relationships is an important factor when it comes to networking. You need to know how to communicate effectively. This includes practicing proper email etiquette and response timing. Communication is key, especially in the job searching process.

Samantha has always been open to new experiences and opportunities. This led her to where she is today: entrepreneur and CEO of her own company. Be sure to listen to the full episode where Samantha shares her experience landing marketing positions at some of the most well-known companies in the country, and provides some advice to students about current marketing landscape and how to prepare. 

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