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A cover letter is a necessary part of the internship application process. It's often used as an introduction to your resume, and it can be the deciding factor in whether or not you land that internship. Your goal as the letter writer is to pique the reader's interest in such a way that they will want to speak with you more.

In this blog post, we'll go over some tips for writing an effective cover letter to help you get your dream internship!

1. If a cover letter is required, submit one

Oftentimes cover letters are an optional item to include when submitting your resume. However, some companies request one, and if the employer asks for a cover letter, you should submit one.

Here's a hint: Sometimes employers see cover letters as a screening mechanism to weed out individuals who are only on the fence about applying. So, the more work you put into applying, the better!

2. Keep it short

You should aim to keep your cover letter under a page. The general consensus is that shorter cover letters are better. It's not the place to go into detail about what you think makes you perfect for this internship.

Instead, your cover letter should be a short and sweet introduction that presents the reader with some insight into who you are as well as why they might want to speak with you more. Remember: the goal of a cover letter is to sell yourself in about 200 words or less.

3.Show off your writing ability

Be sure that you're concise and articulate in your sentences.

There is a limited amount of space to sell yourself in a cover letter. So, cutting the fluff in your cover letter will save you time and help you stand out to employers. Active voice is more powerful than passive, which makes it better for creating a compelling cover letter. Be sure to focus on both your grammar and tone of voice when writing your cover letter.

4.Keep your cover letter relevant

Target your internship cover letter according to the company's needs, and highlight any relevant experience that shows you are a good fit for the intern role.

A great way to find out what’s relevant is to read the job description carefully. Pay attention to active verbs and adjectives in the description. Then, think of how your previous experience matches the responsibilities and traits from this job posting. That way, you’ll have plenty of truthful examples that match with the keywords from this job post.

5.Reference the position you're applying for

This reminder is pretty straightforward.

Don’t be cliche and start your cover letter with “My name is ____ and I’m applying for the marketing role at ____.”

Instead, talk about something you are passionate about that could lead to a connection. Make it easy for the recipient to know what role you want and why you’re perfect for the internship from the get-go.

6.Be yourself

After all is said and done, your cover letter demonstrates the totality of you. Show yourself off! While your cover letter is about explaining why you want this internship, it doesn't necessarily need to be boring.

Personalize your cover letter so it reflects what makes you distinct. You don’t need to be a ninja or a guru, but let your personality come out subtly for an edge. On top of the qualifications they hold and skills which are listed on a resume, hiring managers hope to also find someone whom their teams will enjoy working with.

Be honest and confident with your writing, and remember to gather feedback from both interviewers and employers — if a certain type of cover letter isn't working for you, adjust and improve.

We hope this article has been helpful in providing tips on how to write a great internship cover letter. If not, we can offer more help with our team of experts at PathMatch who are ready and waiting to partner with you in your internship or job search. This is the time to take action! You may have just found your dream opportunity! Click this link to sign up for a free 1:1 consultation--we're happy to answer any questions so you'll feel confident when it's time to find an internship.

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