5 Top Companies for Internships in San Diego

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Although San Diego is known for its stunning beaches and diverse culture, it’s also the perfect place to find a great internship. Because of the proximity to top business destinations, San Diego allows you to work at some of the best companies in the world. However, because of the sheer amount of students looking for an internship, finding a job opportunity can be difficult. 

There’s also the matter of finding an internship that supports your living expenses. San Diego is expensive after all, so it isn’t the time nor place to work for some unpaid or minimally paid internships. You need an internship that fits your needs, without sacrificing your living requirements. 

Let’s talk about some companies located in San Diego and how you could find an internship with them.  

San Diego Zoo

If you’re an animal lover, this place is perfect for you! The San Diego Zoo offers many different internships, with most of them not even focusing on the animal side. From document management to sales, there are many opportunities that could correlate to your major. And you don’t have to be a junior or senior in college ethier! Some San Diego Zoo internships are open to all candidates 16 and up. 

If you want to focus on the animal side, San Diego Zoo offers both research fellowships and externships for those studying to become a veterinarian. These programs are 100% hands-on, and if you join the program, you get the opportunity to solve real-life issues and concerns that the San Diego Zoo is having. 


Another opportunity for animal lovers, Petco has tons of opportunities available for internships. Although they don’t have an official internship program, opportunities open up depending on the season and the team you want to join. These internships usually occur for 12-16 weeks at Petco’s 300,000 square foot campus. All internships also have a dedicated mentor and a project spanning the entire internship to guide you along your path. 

Although the most popular internships are in the pet services department because of the technical training provided by Petco’s Pet Stylist Program, there are still positions available in fields such as accounting


If you're interested in finance or marketing, Deloitte's internship and early career opportunities are an amazing opportunity. Unlike other internships, you can start interning at Deloitte even as a freshman, which would be an amazing addition to your resume. Similarly, Delottie offers both internships and entry level opportunities if you are a senior or recently graduated. 

Because of the sheer amount of positions, Deloitte internships are hands-on. Each intern is assigned a mentor and advisor to help them onboard and integrate into the organization, with additional mentors added as time passes. With the connections you make along your time at the company, you can get the opportunity to continue at the company. While freshman and sophomore interns just get future priority internship applications, seniors can get the chance to become a full-time employee. 

San Diego Padres

If you’re looking to get into the business of professional sports, interning with the San Diego Padres would look amazing on a student resume. Their 10-week student internship has opportunities in many fields, ranging from management, finance, ballpark operations, and more. Similarly, the program also offers networking events with people across the industry to help get an all-encompassing taste of what the sports industry looks like. Since the internship is so coveted, competition is intense, so applications start all the way in the winter. 

Although the internship is amazing, it’s important to note that it’s only open for sophomores and juniors, so seniors or recent graduates can’t apply. However, if you’re enrolled in a graduate program, you can send in an application. Another preference is for San Diego-born students who are bilingual, so if you have those qualifications, it’s a plus for your application.  


If you want to work at a tech company that isn’t just focused on one thing, such as phones or cars, then Qualcomm is a great fit for you. With the headquarters being in San Diego, interning at Qualcomm means that you have access to not just national, but international networks and opportunities. 

Although Qualcomm doesn’t have an official internship program, opportunities rise depending on the availability and season, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. These internships usually occur in the summer, and serve as a “long-term interview”. Based on your performance, your mentors will evaluate you, and once you graduate, they may extend an offer. Although the network is a huge plus, the best part about interning at Qualcomm has to be the fully funded housing accommodations and relocation costs for the duration of your internship. In an expensive city like San Diego, it’s a huge benefit!

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