5 Steps to Get a Spring Internship in 2023

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It’s that time of year again. It is going to be finals week and then winter break in a blink of an eye. Though this is the busiest time of the year, no doubt, it is important to keep in mind that Spring internships for the 2023 season are out now.

Spring internships bring opportunities for real-life job experience you can’t get in a classroom. It is crucial to know how to find and apply for these positions before you waste countless hours sending out resumes that result in zero responses.

Spring and Fall Internships are less impacted by the number of candidates applying because most students focus solely on school during the academic year, so applying for a Spring internship now is a great opportunity to take advantage of gaining more experience in the job field. If you’re lucky, you may be able to turn this Spring internship into a job offer.

If you missed your chance to get a summer or fall internship, now is a great opportunity to go for a Spring internship. Let’s dive into 5 steps you can take to get a Spring internship in 2023.

1. Choose potential companies beyond the Spring internship

Sure, you’re looking for a Spring internship. But because they can potentially extend into the summer (and even into a job offer!) creating a list of companies you know you want to work for, and would be happy at long term, can help you choose. 

Making a list of what companies you see yourself working for can also help determine what research and preparation you need to do, such as networking on LinkedIn, refreshing your resume, learning a new skill, or creating something specific to show the company that you deserve their spring internship position. 

A lot of creative roles can stand out more if you prepare something specifically for a company ahead of time. For example, Chase Zreet applied for a copywriter position at Sprite by writing a rap and making a music video as his cover letter to stand out. He got the job too.

Long story short, if you have a list of companies in mind and can find a way to stand out amongst other applicants ahead of time, we advise you to do it!

2. Rewrite your resume

Rewriting your resume is important for anyone applying for an internship (or even a job). When you look at the job/internship descriptions, you’ll see the hard and soft skills the company wants candidates to have. Be sure to replace similar skill sets you have with the skillsets written in the job description. For example, if the job description says “people skills” as a qualification and you already have “customer service skills” on your resume, replace it with “people skills.” Most of the time technology and AI scanners are passing along the information to hiring managers to see who fits the exact description best. Though it takes time, it will also help you truly understand if this is a job you can really see yourself doing.

3. Apply as early as possible

According to Google Trends, searches for ‘spring internships’ peak between the end of September and through November. This is a great indicator to show that not only are companies looking for interns, but also that your competition is heating up. Because of this, you’ll want to always be on the early side of applying for these coveted internships.

We know taking the time to fill out applications can be tedious. It is crucial to set aside time to do so. Some applications have more questions than others or ask more of you when you apply, so aim for quality over quantity. Blasting out unchanged resumes isn’t a great strategy; but tailoring your resume to each position and writing a thoughtful cover letter is.

The interview process usually takes place before the holidays and starts in early January. Be prepared to actively search for new spring internship posts. We suggest checking at least once a week, or setting up keyword alerts from the job boards you’re using.

4. Network 

Networking is a major part of getting a spring internship. The easiest way to start is by going on LinkedIn. Type in the name of the company, go to the “people” tab, search employees by title or keyword, then add a couple of employees in the job/intern field you were applying for. It also helps to find people who went to your school at a company, but finding alumni from your school isn’t as common at smaller companies. 

Always network with the recruiter or hiring manager. Reach out and follow up after the interview process. It is important to make a connection with them, whether you get that position or not they may know someone else in the field you are applying for or hire you full-time in the future. 

Going to any event and asking people about their careers can be a great way to network as well. You can also reach out to any friends or family. Your parents may have a friend that has a connection to someone in your job field at the company of your dreams. You will never know unless you socialize and ask. Always be open to opportunities.

5. Practice interviewing

Interviewing for an internship is not easy. You really have to put yourself out there and find a way to incorporate the reasons you should be their number one candidate. 

The best way to practice interviewing is by searching on Google for “the most commonly asked interview questions and best ways to answer them,” make a list, and print them out. Ask a friend to go over the interview questions with you or record yourself answering the questions.

After practicing, ask for constructive criticism from your friend or review the video you took yourself. Think like the recruiter or hiring manager and ask yourself,  

“What do I need to work on?” “What do I need to research?” and “What do I not have a clear confident answer to?” 

By practicing these you can show up confidently to the interview. And don’t forget about your interview etiquette!

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